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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Big Chill Open Thread

For the first time here at the MZone, we're putting up a non-college football open thread.  The more I hear about 109,000+ folks watching a hockey game in the Big House, the more excited I get about this game. 

Go Blue!

To further get you in the mood, MVictors has some great pix of the rink like this one below:


GoBlueBob said...

Heading out soon for our tailgate and the game. This should be fun and it looks like the weather may cooperate. Go Blue!

Andy said...

I made my 5:45am flight from Austin. If all continues to go well we will be in Ann Arbor by 12:30.

Catie said...

Woohoo! I will be there! I will also be at the Arena Tailgate (with heated tents, thankyouverymuch). Thank you Ham and gobluebob, I wouldn't be able to be at the game without you!

Stealth flyover, fireworks, and Guinness world record will be there to mark the history making occasion!


Andy said...

Two Sparty fans on my plane from Houston. They called the stadium "the out house" in a failed attempt at humor.

I smiled and told them I hope they enjoy themselves.

T9 reports she has not started drinking....yet.

Yost said...

I am so jealous of you all! Have fun, Go Blue! and take pix!

Andy said...

Just met with Bob and Hammm at the post-game tailgate. Enjoyed a cold beer in honor of Sparty's goalie. He made the day worth the early morning start.

I took a lot of pics. Will post when I get them edited.

TitleIX said...

What a great great day! Stealth bomber, Sieve goalie, World Record, Fireworks, and my bro Andy.

Life is ridiculously good!

GoBlueBob said...

We had a great time at the game. The weather was good and I was not cold all day. The five goals made it very enjoyable. Got to see Hammm and his wife, Andy and his son, had another great tailgate and overall just had a wonderful day.

GoBlueBob said...

Also forgot to mention that I met Catie today also.

Mikoyan said...

Damn...Now I wish I would have gone.