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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Two Minute Drill

* MVictors corrects my record - and I'm even more awesome than I thought.  Also interesting was looking at the list of winningest coaches in the history of the Big 10.  Coming in at #7:  Lloyd Carr.

* Brian at MGoBlog presents Senior Day Haiku (we're always trying to help some of the smaller Michigan blogs get a little traffic)

* Tony Gerdman's Michigan Monday - Check out his comment on the special teams and the call right before the half.  Said the same thing as we were watching the game (correction, Gerd: the Michigan D gave up ZERO offensive TDs to Purdue last Saturday, not one.  Their lone TD was a Denard pick-six)

* The Wiz was in West Lafayette for the Purdue game and took a lot of pix.

* You know how Michigan State has a reputation as a party school?  Well it's not thanks to these guys.

* If you haven't seen it already, this middle school trick play is the best you'll probably see this year.

* Remember college?

I love how the slipper-boots match the trash can.


Andy said...

Sorry for the lack of wallpaper today.

I am on the road and didn't get it done.

surrounded in columbus said...

looking at the "remember college" pic, i couldn't help but notice that her toilet paper roll is empty. this will not end well.

also pleased to note that isn't my daughter, either. so i'm 2-2 in avoiding seeing her on the web page.

only 3 & half more years to go...

BaggyPantsDevil said...

She must have been part of the test audience for Colin Cowherd's sitcom.

Did you notice who was #9? John Cooper. I miss him. :(

GoBlueBob said...


T9 will not be happy you gave Yost this photo of her......

BPD....If Cooper could have beaten Michigan a little more consistently he would be at the same level as Carr.

Andy said...

Not true.... T9 has wicker trash baskets.

Mikoyan said...

why is it that when there's talk of great coaches, Rockne gets mentioned but never Crisler or Yost? I mean Rockne was too chicken shit to face either coach...:)

whetstonebuck said...


Don't set yourself up for crushing disappointment. There are many years ahead, overflowing with ample opportunities, wherein your daughter can embarrass you. We just never know how they will invest those fifteen minutes of fame. Relax. Don't tighten your sphincter until it's necessary.

surrounded in columbus said...

thanks. i feel much better.

considering i have a 17 yr old stepson & 16 yr old daughter still high school, the possibilities are statistically endless...