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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

These Penn State Fans are Douchebags (and this USA TODAY Writer is Clueless)

A Penn State fan - dressed as a U-M fan for Halloween - was attacked by four Penn State fans who thought the victim really was a Michigan fan.  The man had to be taken to the hospital and suffered a possible broken nose.

I hope these douchebags get the punished to the fullest extent of the law.  What the fuck are these assclowns thinking?!  Seriously, IT'S JUST A GODDAMN FOOTBALL GAME!  And four douchebags jump one guy?!  Real tough, dicks.

Sadly, this isn't the first time some PSU fans have acted like total jackholes to visiting fans.  Three years ago, several (actual) Ohio State fans were pelted by a group of Penn State fans (video here). It led to the huge uproar in the sports blogosphere, more rational Nittany Lion fans condemning the perpetrators and a PSU fraternity being suspended.

C'mon, Penn State.  This shit has to stop. 

As a PS to this story, in the USA TODAY article about it linked above, writer Tim Gardner apparently thinks it's funny that some guy got jumped and sent to the hospital, or it's the victim's fault since he starts off his story this way:

When wearing a Halloween costume to a football game, it's probably a not a good idea to have the costume represent the colors of the opposing team. 

And ends it this way:

Plan your costume accordingly for next season's Halloween weekend. 

Hey, Timbo, are you really that fucking clueless as to imply it's the victim's fault because he wore the opposing team's colors on a college campus?  This isn't a story about some gang turf war between rival gangs, it's about a guy walking around at Beaver Stadium!  I guess he was "asking for it," huh?

Furthermore, what about actual Michigan fans who were in Happy Valley for the game?  Should they not wear their school's colors lest they be assaulted?  Is that not a good idea either?  Because if one should fear cheering for their team at or after a college football, the sport has some serious problems.

As a so-called journalist, you really have to think before you make light of some dude getting the shit beat out of him over a game.  Seriously, Tim.  Think.


Teddy said...


Crock said...

Looks like it worked out for us that we couldn't make the trip.
Its a sad day when visiting fans can't watch their team without fearing for their safety.

Mikoyan said...

It's a sad day when anyone else gives Columbus a run for their money as Jackasses of the Big 10...