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Monday, November 08, 2010

MZone Exclusive: Greg Robinson's Defensive Playbook

In the wake of Michigan's victory over Illinois last Saturday, many U-M fans are wondering how in the name of Schembechler a Wolverine defense could give up 65 - SIXTY-FIVE! - points.

For answers, in an MZone exclusive, we have obtained a copy of Greg Robinson's defensive playbook and game plan for the Illinois game.

(Big HT to MZone reader J. for this guest post and the Photoshops)


phil said...

(well done j!)
I really debate the wisdom of posting the actual defensive playbook for the whole world to see. Ha! and you HATERS thought we didn't have a defensive playbook.
(that reminds me....what is the name of that offense play against Illinois when our QB throws into the endzone and bounces the ball off a defensive man and into the hands of our receiver for a touchdown?)

GoBlueBob said...

We can thank T9 for having the volleyball coach helping out the football team. Wait, we better be careful, the freep might do an article about another rule violation.

GoBlueBob said...

Did anyone besides me stay in the stadium to watch the halftime show on Saturday? They did a skit about the wizard of oz and it was very well done. It included the munchkins that reminded Dorothy of her little brother from e. lansing, the cowardly nittany lion, the scarecrow that spend much of his life in cornfields in Iowa, Illinois and Nebraska, the tin man (a beer can from Wisconsin) and the wicked witch of the south. It was very well done and the band showed some creativity. RR will be promoting the band director to be the new defensive coordinator this week.

GoBlueBob said...

If you missed the halftime show, here is the location to view it. It is worth the 11 minutes to watch it. You cannot see the video boards but can figure out what is going on. It was very cool that the president did her part in this. As you can tell, the crowd loved it.


Mikoyan said...


Dammit. I hate getting a cold. I watched the game on TV but halftime consists of the bobblehead show. I would much rather have been at the game but then I think I owuld have not been at work today had I gone.....

Mikoyan said...

I finally watched the halftime show from Saturday. That was pretty awesome. Makes me even more bummed that I missed it.