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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Michigan vs. Ohio State: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


* Michigan's much-maligned defense actually forced consecutive 3-and-outs from the Buckeye offense to start the game and held Tosu scoreless in the first quarter. Rumors that nervous Tosu fans were waiting for frogs to fall from the heavens since End Times must certainly be upon us are unconfirmed at this time.

* Michigan's offense actually moved the ball up and down the field much of the first half, taking the ball into Tosu territory 5 of their 6 first half possessions (more about the "but just not scoring" part later)

* Denard's passing looked crisp and on target early (more about the "but his receivers have to catch the *&^% ball!" part later)

* Denard rushed for over 100 yards for the 9th team this season and now has 1,643 rushing yards for the season moving him into 5th place on Michigan's all-time season rushing yardage list

* Safety Jordan Kovacs killed a Tosu scoring drive with a goal line-ish interception and 41 yard return to end the first half

* Rich Rod - knowing his job is potentially hanging in the balance - leaving punter Will Hagerup back in A2 for a violation of team rules.  Anybody think Dantonio would have done that?

* While it may have been there, I didn't see Gerg whipping out Tickle Me Elmo or any other stuffed animals to rub on the faces of our defensive players

* The team played hard and never quit


* Once again, Denard got injured and missed a good chunk of the game, this time due to dislocated fingers on his non-throwing hand

* After out-gaining Tosu and marching into Buckeye territory 5 of the 6 times they had the ball in the first half, Michigan only had 7 points to show for it.  Speaking of that...

* That 7 points was it for the entire day.  All the chatter about "when the D catches up to the O, watch out!" rings hollow after a performance like this against top competition

* Roy Roundtree.  Players HAVE to make the big plays in the big games.   Those drops in the first half - when the game was still competitive - were absolute killers.

* The defense.  After those early stops and the O's inability to score (or hold onto the ball), the D reverted to form.  Playing a couple good series early on isn't enough.  Tressel took his foot off the gas pedal there in the second half or it would have been worse. 

* The balanced Bucks gained 478 yards: 257 rushing, 221 passing (which - sadly - could almost qualify as being placed in "The Good" for this D since it's under 500.  Yipee!  

* That fat Buckeye fan with the painted face and stupid shit on his head they kept showing in the stands on TV (wait, Yost - WHICH fat Buckeye with shit on his head?)


* This was the Wolverines 7th straight loss to the Buckeyes, the longest streak in school history

* Simply "playing hard" isn't enough.  Not at a school like Michigan where the expectation is to play for championships.  Where is the overall improvement, especially on defense?  All this talk about "they're young and everybody's coming back next year" is supposed to make me feel better how?  What on-the-field results suggest that this "returning defense" is going to be significantly better next fall?  Is it the coaching?  The scheme?  The talent?  All of the above?  Whatever it is, they didn't show the improvement as the year progressed (just like '08...just like '09).  

* Those Buckeye uniforms. Seriously, wtf?! Show a little dignity and respect for The Game and wear your "We're Whoring for Nike Unis" during the Youngstown State game in September.

* The turnovers - three more yesterday, continuing a pattern.  That's a killer against crappy teams, let alone against a top 10 school on the road in your biggest rivalry game

* Michigan special teams - Oh, they're "special," all right.  U-M attempted five 4th down conversions because the thought of kicking a FG sends shivers down the spine of Rich Rod and any Michigan fan.  And it's not just the FGs (or lack thereof).  Literally,  it's every phase of the kicking/return game.

* In three seasons, Rodriguez has yet to defeat a Big 10 foe that finished with a winning conference record


Bigasshammm said...

Just got our reservation settled for the Big Chill weekend. It's nice to think of something else besides football. At this point I could care less about their meaningless bowl game as they will probably get pantsed and it will be embarrassing. Thank god for hockey.

Andy said...

Not so sure we are going to get pantsed by our bowl competition. Everyone should be healthy and both O and D will have time to over-prepare. It may be much like the UConn game.

Oh yeah, UConn. The soon to be Big East champs headed to a BCS game. Maybe RR can work a deal to get Michigan into that conference where we could compete better.

Speaking of hockey -- I am going to be flying up with my son for the game. He has finals thru friday at LSU, so we won't get to Detroit until noon on that Saturday.

Send me an email with your pre & post game plans (at this point, I assume @ Bob's tailgate).

Mikoyan said...

I should try to get a ticket.

Bigasshammm said...

Yes mik you should. Our pregame plan does base solely on Bobs tailgate. He has our tickets! After the game we will be staying at the days inn on carpenter and enjoying some dinner somewhere and "maybe" a movie at that awesome theater. Maybe they will have Harry potter in IMAX or something. No plans Sunda will just wake up have breakfast and head home to rescue the grandparents.

Catie is buying our other two tickets since the older kids aren't coming now so shell be at the tailgate at some pont. Not sure barrys plans but I think he's going to the game. It could be an all mzone tailgate.

If bob doesnt mind of course.

surrounded in columbus said...

well, they boys have a warm up this weekend in Columbus. alumni club has a block for the Friday game. looking forward to seeing us beat tosu in something...

BTW- going back to the Good, Bad, & Ugly theme of the original post- Peter King just did a bit on the Niner's likely firing Singletary as HC, and that Gruden & Jim Harbaugh are the two top candidates.

it's one thing to cut R2 loose if you assume the prodigal son is going to return. is it another if we're going to be interviewing Skip Holtz as a replacement instead? just wondering...

GoBlueBob said...

Hammmm... Everyone is invited to the tailgate, although it will be a little different than our football tailgates as most of our group of families will not be there. I will be there with my three sons and their friends and a few others from our normal tailgate. We are arriving early but may not stay afterwords as long as we normally do. I think Andy and his son are planning to stop by and Catie is welcome for sure. Not sure about Barry but think he is attending also.

Yost said...

Totally agree w/ you, SiC. You don't cut RR loose unless there is a plan in place.

whetstonebuck said...

Let'see, Randy Shannon is available. The Hat is always available. What about the Boise State coach. He may be looking for bluer pastures. I don't suppose you're interested in Lynch from Indiana.

Hey, what is Charlie Weis doing these days?

You could always steal one of Tressel's assistant coaches.

Wait, I've got it. Bret the Bully from Wisconsin. Talk about starting another ten year war.