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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Michigan Replay

If you grew up in Michigan during the Bo Schembechler Era, then the music in the video below is going to evoke some strong memories.  Close your eyes...

You're 10 years old and it's Sunday morning.  You just went to the game with your dad and brother yesterday.   The sight of toilet paper and marshmallows flying around the student section after every Michigan touchdown still fresh in your mind's eye.  Your mom and sister went to church but you somehow got out of it.  You plop on the couch, turn on the TV and there sits Bo across from Jim Branstatter as the music starts.

All is good in the world.


GoBlueBob said...

I still have video tapes I made of entire seasons of Michigan Replay. When the games were not on tv every week this was the only way to see what happened for away games. No ESPN instant classic back then....

616goblue said...

Go back to 1997, the woman you are dating enjoys going to the Big House with you, but can't stand watching the games on tv. She of the "Why do the men in the black and white outfits throw that yellow towel on the field?" and "How many take-a-knees do they get at the end of the half/game?" ilk.

Its Sunday morning and it is traditional to go to brunch with her 5 year old daughter and her parents, you agree only upon the condition that she tape the show. She can't believe how upset you are when you get back home that she set the VCR to tape the wrong channel at 11am because, afterall, you took her to the game the day before and you "already know what happened." Her dad is no help either because the only difference between Michigan and Michigan State to him is that one school is in Ann Arbor and the other is in East Lansing.

No wonder why that relationship didn't last...

GoBlueBob said...

By the way... today is the 235th anniverary of the Marine Corp.

Semper Fi

Jeff said...

Love that track, it gave Lllloyd some "tremendous" funk. I think Big Jim's last name has a "D" in it somewhere.

Andy said...

Thanks Bob. I am going out with a couple of former Marines tonight to celebrate.

I am just busting your balls, but it is Corps not Corp.

Corps = is either a large formation, or an administrative grouping of troops within an armed force with a common function such as Artillery or Signals representing an arm of service.

Corp. = the abbreviation for corporation.

Mikoyan said...

To Uncle Sam's Misguided Children I offer a happy birthday.

TitleIX said...

Jackpot 1974-1975 theme music
by Mike Vickers. It was also used as the opening to This Week In Baseball