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Friday, November 12, 2010

Lap Dance at Cowboys Game

Dear M Zone Reader,

Due to a breakdown in the editorial policy of this site, the video below was placed as hyperlink in the right-hand Delicious buffet section of our main page rather than front and center where it belongs.  We will be holding a staff meeting of our Standards & Practices team to make sure such egregious disregard for content screening and placement never happens again.

Furthermore, it is our solemn promise that in the future when a hot blond holding a beer decides to heed her inner stripper and give a lap dance to the guy she's with...in the front row of a sporting event...while others cheer her on...and throw dollar bills...it will be placed in a more prominent position here at the M Zone where you have come to expect such off-topic but 100% newsworthy material.

My sincere apologies,


P.S.  To the girl in this video: I have an extra ticket to the Wisconsin game.  I'm just saying.

(via Deadspin via GordonKeith.com)


phil said...

The true purpose of beer: so ugly, scummy guys can get laid too.
(side note: the most action seen in the Cowboys stadium this year)

Andy said...

OK, I admit it. It was me. My buffet links were getting a little stale. Feel free to dock my pay this week.

whetstonebuck said...

I'm a lady, I yam.

BARman said...

Lock and load!