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Monday, November 22, 2010

Michigan vs. Wisconsin: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


* Sophomore Denard Robinson set the single season rushing record for a QB. He now has 1,538 yards.

* Robinson is the first QB in NCAA history to rush for 1,500 yards and pass for 2,000 yards in the same season.

* After falling behind 24-0 by halftime, U-M twice cut the deficit to 10 points and was an onside kick recovery away from making Wisco really sweat.

* And...uh...ummm...it didn't rain.


* Michigan got shut out in the 1st half

* Michigan's kicking woes continued when they missed a 30 yarder from the center of the field

* A Robinson pass was batted at the line of scrimmage and intercepted by a Wisco lineman that I'm pretty sure hadn't run with a football since pick up games in his back yard when he was about 9.

* How bad is the defense?  Well, this season, the Wolverines have given up 369 points and 4,897 yards, both record setters:  The yards allowed broke the 4,720 mark in 2009 and 347 blasted past the 2008 suckage.  Awesome!

*The Badgers finished the game by calling 28 consecutive running runs.  Twenty-eight straight running plays and we still couldn't stop them.  Twenty-eight plays in which it's a little harder to blame the youth in the secondary for the carnage.


* Wisco coach Brett Bulimia is doing his best to take over the Big 10's Biggest D-Bag coaching award from Danny Hope.  A week after scoring 83 points on IU and claiming he wasn't running it up (because, you know, everybody throws 74 yard TD strikes when you're clinging to a 69-14 lead late in the third), Bret said this after the game yesterday about the Badgers' physical play: "What we do isn't pretty.  A lot of places, there's a certain emphasis on being pretty and being individualized on players."  Gee, who were you talking about, Bret?
    He followed them up when asked about Denard Robinson's record breaking day by saying, "For them, that's great.  We would never recruit to that."  Good point.  I mean who'd want to recruit one of the most electrifying players in the game.

* According to MGoBlog, in the post game news conference, when asked about Michigan's bad tackling, Rich Rod had this to say: "The hard part is, to work on it during the season, how do you do live tackling?" Don't want guys to get hurt - can't afford more injuries. 
   Uh, did the head football coach of the University of Michigan just say he doesn't do and/or doesn't know how to conduct meaningful tackling drills during the season?  Seriously?  Please, please PLEASE somebody tell me this was taken out of context.  My 9th grade freshman coach found a way to do it, I should hope the coach of the team once led by Bo Schembechler can figure out a way from September through November to practice tackling.

Even the lingerie team practices tackling during the season


Mikoyan said...

I got some good pictures at the game, so I was happy. It was still pretty enjoyable to watch despite all the suckage. Although, watching Michigan score 28 in the second half makes me wonder how the game would have gone had they done so in the first half. Oh yeah, it would have been 56 to 48.....Or something like that.

srudoff said...

7 years ago today - last time you guys beat us. Chris Perry was a beast that day.

Looking forward to Saturday.

Bigasshammm said...

I probably won't even watch Saturday. As I didn't watch last week's game past halfway through the second quarter.

My wife later said I looked defeated and that I just didn't care. She summed it up nicely.

Andy said...


You are right, Chris Perry was a beast that day. Sadly for us -- I don't think this year is going to be any different than the last 2 painful years. The gap between the two programs is wider than any time in my lifetime.

At this point, as much as I hate to admit it, I have nothing but respect and admiration for what JT has been able to do in Columbus. I just hope Dave Brandon does the right things to make THE GAME important again.


It is coaching malpractice to not practice live tackling during the season. That is why you have student body walk-ons and third & fourth stringers. When I was an undergrad I knew dozens of guys on the team who understood their only purpose was to serve as human practice dummies for the defense. Several of them did so well against the first stringers they got to play in real games every once in a while.

How do you teach technique and develop an aggressive attitude if you never get to hit anyone?


srudoff said...

Andy - has he not watched Rudy??

Someone posted this on the Scout Insider forum and I was pretty shocked by it. It's all of RichRod's wins in 3 years and the opponents end of season (or current for 2010) record.

2010 UConn: 6-4
2010 Illinois: 6-5
2010 UMass: 6-5
2008 Wisconsin: 7-6
2008 Minnesota: 7-6
2010 Notre Dame: 5-5
2009 Notre Dame: 6-6
2009 Western Michigan: 5-7
2009 Delaware State: 4-7
2010 Purdue: 4-7
2010 Indiana: 4-7
2009 Indiana: 4-8
2010 Bowling Green: 2-9
2008 Miami (OH): 2-10
2009 Eastern Michigan: 0-12

srudoff said...

That's a combined 68-104

Andy said...

Leaders and Best

Hemlock Philosopher said...

Part of me hopes that osu ends this experiment in a gruesome fashion. I never want us to lose, but I've never been so indifferent.

Did we seriously play Pink at halftime?

Bigasshammm said...

WTG Mik for getting the big HT over at Mgoblog.

GoBlueBob said...

HP..... I told my son during the halftime show that the girlie songs were for gerg and the defense. I know they are putting forth the effort but that is just not good enough if they have not been properly coached. When I heard about RR's comments about not being able to practice tackling during the season, I think I heard both Bo and Woody spinning in their graves. If Bo was still around RR would not have lasted 1/2 of season one.

GoBlueBob said...

616... Never got a chance to reply to your comments regarding my wife knowing your stepmom. Just another small world story that seem to happen quite often. I am glad you enjoyed the turkey. We did another one after the game and stuck around for several hours but not as long as we normally do. We have one more tailgate at the Big Chill game but this one will be a little more subdued than normal since we do not know about the weather. If they win Red will be only a few games behind RR in conference wins at Michigan Stadium. What a sorry thought.

That is all.

Mikoyan said...

They played Lady Gaga during one of the earlier halftime shows.

Andy said...


I will hopefully see you at the Big Chill game

StClairShoresBLUE said...

Where has my beloved defense gone? Does anyone know? Has anyone seen it? The 3-3-5, is that an area code? Have we been watching Syracuse games from 08' for Film? Are we at a risk vs. reward point with the coaching staff on both sides of the ball? No tackling drills during the season? Did he just say that out loud....Really did he just say that?