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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

DVR alert : Michigan - Ohio State week

Sadly, in the decade since Jim Tressel arrived and ruined the competitive balance of the Michigan vs Ohio State rivalry, the only real comfort I have been able to feel is the warm after-glow of past victories for my beloved Wolverines. Once again, ESPN Classic has dedicated over 24 hours to THE GAME. Starting on Wednesday night at midnight and running all Thanksgiving Day you can re-watch classic M/OSU games. Edited into 2 hour bite sized pieces for easy digestion. I thought it would be a good to provide a viewing guide for the young Michigan fans that can't remember the last time we won.

Wednesday. Midnight EST
1969. Ohio State at Michigan.

This is the game that started the Ten Year War between Bo and Woody and re-ignited the rivalry into the modern era. This is a classic David vs Goliath story. This classic broadcast is must see TV for any Michigan fan looking for a glimmer of hope for this week and the future for the rivalry. Bo Schembechler's first season as Michigan coach is highlighted by this upset victory over Woody Haye's top ranked Bucks.

Thursday. 2AM EST
1974. Michigan at Ohio State.

Get some sleep. Nothing to see here except Archie Griffin running like the magically slippery gnome he was.

Thursday. 4AM EST
1979. Ohio State at Michigan.

Continue to sleep, unless you want to see a freshman named Anthony Carter score on two long touchdown catches.

Thursday. 6AM EST
1987. Ohio State at Michigan.

Hit the snooze button when the alarm goes off. This was my last OSU game as an undergrad. Buckeye coach Earle Bruce was fired during the week and his inspired team, led by future Detroit Lion All-Pro Chris Spielman, upsets Bo in Michigan Stadium 23-20.

Thursday. 8AM EST
1996. Michigan at Ohio State.

Finally, a real reason to wake up. The 2nd ranked Bucks welcome a mediocre Michigan squad into the 'Shoe with revenge on their mind. Brian Griese drops back, he throws, Shawn Springs trips and Tia Streets gallops into the endzone. Michigan, led by their defense wins 13-9.

Thursday. 10AM EST
2001. Ohio State at Michigan.

Now would be a good time to go outside to do yardwork or help your wife in the kitchen. Jim Tressel makes his first appearance inside Michigan Stadium and stakes his ownership claim with a 26-20 win.

Thursday. Noon EST
2002. Michigan at Ohio State.

Not a bad time for a nap before you sit down and eat your turkey. Tressel leads John Cooper's recruits and a soon to be infamous freshman running back named Maurice Clarrett over the Wolverines en-route to the National Championship. The legend of the sweater vest grows faster than your expanding waistline.

Thursday. 2PM EST
1995. Ohio State at Michigan.

Not sure why ESPN Classic would show this game after they have already broadcast the 1996 classic? These two games (95 & 96) should be considered a double-feature. Would you watch Godfather II before you watched the original Godfather?

Anyway, Tim Biakabutuka out performs Heisman Trophy winner Eddie George with 313 magical yards. A freshman cornerback named Charles Woodson makes his first appearance in the rivalry. Michigan wins 31-23 and Buckeye fans wonder if John Cooper was a good hire.

Thursday. 4PM EST
1997. Ohio State at Michigan.

Lloyd Carr is able to accomplish what John Cooper was never able to do. He takes an undefeated team into THE GAME and wins. To the horror of Tennessee fans, Charles Woodson shows the world why he is a better choice for the Heisman Trophy than Peyton Manning, making great plays on defense, offense, and special teams. Michigan takes the second to last step up the mountain as they climb to the 1997 National Championship.

Thursday. 6PM EST
2003. Ohio State at Michigan.

In the 100th edition of THE GAME is a big celebration as the Buckeyes fall. Chris Perry and Braylon Edwards deliver to Lloyd Carr what will turn out to be his only win against Jim Tressel. Excellent game with lots of back and forth momentum swings. Small confession...this is the last time I have really ever been truly happy with a college football game.

Thursday. 8PM EST
2006. Michigan at Ohio State.

Before the game it was billed as THE GAME OF THE CENTURY. The hype leading up to the game was incredible, as it was the only time in the history of the rivalry that #1 played #2. Then Bo dies on Friday and Troy Smith breaks my heart for the 3rd straight season on Saturday. Avery bitter defeat for the my Wolverines. Four years later I have not been able to re-watch more than one minute of this game. I don't think I will be ready to face it again on Thanksgiving night.

Thursday. 10PM EST
1999. Ohio State at Michigan.

Interesting choice by ESPN Classic here. Ohio State needed to win this game to become bowl eligible (how weird does that sound?). The Buckeyes led the game deep into the second half only to implode. Tom Brady gives the nation a glimpse of what they could expect from him in the NFL, hitting Marquis Walker for the winning touchdown with 5 minutes left. Michigan wins 24-17. The rumbles about John Cooper become very loud in Columbus.

Thursday. Midnight
2005. Ohio State at Michigan.

Time to crawl into bed as this one is quite simply groin-punching-must-miss TV. Michigan blows a 21-12 lead with less than 7 minutes left. The final 88 yard drive is engineered by Troy Smith after Lloyd Carr decided to punt from the Buckeye 34 yard line. The bad guys win 25-21 and once again sing Carmen, Ohio at Michigan Stadium.

Friday. 2AM EST
2000. Michigan at Ohio State.

The M/OSU marathon ends on a positive note. This is "the last straw" game for John Cooper. Anthony Thomas and Drew Henson guide the Wolverines to a 31–12 lead and they hold on to win, 38–26. The final nail in the Cooper coffin is nailed by Henson when he scored on a 4th down boot leg keeper with 1;16 left to play. Cooper is fired the next day.


Mikoyan said...

Do they have any of the early games where they use a certain radio announcer?

Andy said...

Unfortunately for all of us, there is no Bob Ufer on any of these games.

Mikoyan said...


Whatever jokers they use wont have the talent that Ufer had in one pinky....

bigGexpress said...

Ahhhhh, 1996 "Michigan led by their defense" those were the days. GO BLUE!!!! Dig deep boys. We can win this one.