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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cal Football Player Fakes Injury...Poorly

Ah, California - land of bad sitcom ideas and even worse acting.  Case in point: the Cal football player in the video below. 

If you've been following the Oregon Ducks this season, you might have heard about the controversy regarding Duck fans booing the injured players of other teams when Oregon is on offense.  The belief behind the boos of those Duck fans is that opposing teams are faking the injuries in order to slow up the high-octane Oregon offense.

Now, I must admit I thought Duck fans were searching for conspiracies where none existed.  Then I saw the video below...

(Ye Old Hat Tip to EDSBS)


Andy said...

I saw that on TV Saturday night.

I can't say for sure he was not injured. He fell down like his hamstring cramped. The real key is if he returned within a couple of plays.

J said...

Same thing happened in the Auburn - Georgia game. UGA player went limping toward sidelines in the 4th Q when UGA was way behind, and his coaches waved frantically for him to lie down on the field, thereby stopping the clock. And he did.

And no, Nick Fairley never touched him. He might have glanced in his direction, which is enough to make any sane man shit his pants, but Nick never touched him.

War Damn Eagle and Go Blue!!

PS - hahaha, my word verification is "nogimeco"... reminds me of "no gimmick..."