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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Ballsy Bitchin' Ride of Les "Cricket" Miles

After yet another ballsy 4th down call against Alabama, it's easy to see why Les Miles has established himself as the coach with arguably the biggest pair in college football.

And it just might be going to his head.

In another MZone exclusive, we have obtained this picture of Les Miles' car.

MZone Exclusive: Les Miles' Car

And speaking of Les and his man sack, we at the MZone would like to propose a new nickname for The Mad Hatter: Cricket.

Why Cricket?

Because a cricket has broken the world record for largest testicles in relation to body weight.  According the article linked here, "the tuberous bushcricket's testicles account for 14 percent of its body weight. To put that in perspective, the testicles of a man weighing 200 pounds with that ball-to-body ratio would weigh 28 pounds."

 And if any human being is close to that ratio, it's Les "Cricket" Miles.


phil said...

This guy pimped his car to attract the opposite sex and as T9 will probably confirm: there's nothing that turns on girls like a pimped car with three huge balls hanging from behind. (and why three?....did the owner think, "hey if two looks good, three will look great!")

Tom C said...

Yep, size matters.

TitleIX said...

Er three golden balls on a late model capri dont really make me swoon....

TitleIX said...

Ok, maybe it is a Monte Carlo. THAT might get someone some play

Carl said...

Beautiful sort of picture about the Les Miles' Car and the fact about the cricket is really amazing.


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