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Sunday, November 14, 2010


I am Charlie Brown.

Every Saturday I faithfully don my maize and blue attire, log on to my favorite blogs, fire up the phone to text Andy, oh, every 15 seconds and load the Twitter feed.
The crowd too is fired up and the sight of our uniforms and winged helmets in the frenzied stadium send a chill down my spine. The refrains of the band warm my cockles (look it up, yes, I too have cockles) and I am ready to GO! BLUE!


The teams come thru the tunnel onto the field, the coin is flipped, and BOOM off goes the kick.
This team sucks me in with an early, quick score. The offense shreds the other team's defense and Denard, well, is Denard---bless his maize and blue heart!

And then....
Rich Rod and his Coaching Crew pull that darned ball away and SPLAT.
I am flat on my back wondering how that ball got fumbled, that pick got thrown, that punt got shanked, that hole in the D was so big (and omnipresent), that field goal was missed (again), that 4th down was either gone for or not, and how in the heck did they score on that play.......

Yet somehow, RR et al. re-set the ball, find the magic, win the game, and I line up yet again. The defense didn't allow a TD??? Young James Rogers has TWO picks? Cameron Gordon recovers a fumble and takes it 58 yards to the house???? We still win despite 2 INTs and 3 fumbles and a revolving door at QB?
We are 7-3 !!!
Bowl Bound Again !!!

Yes, I am Charlie Brown. Trusting and naive. Hopeful and in love with all things Michigan football. Sure that they won't break my heart, make me shake my head in disbelief, or throw things again. Right? I mean right????

And waiting eagerly for next week!



Andy said...

Wonderful post T9.

Text exchange of the day yesterday:

Andy: Purdue is worse than our 2008 team on offense
T9: is it bad to beat up the retarded kid?
Andy: Not if that retard is named Danny Hope.

phil said...

Agreed, nice post T9. I was feeling bad about all ups and downs that is Michigan football so I went to Lucy's psychiatric help booth-
Lucy: There is a real lesson to be learned from these last 3 seasons at Michigan. Adversity builds character! Without adversity a person could never mature and face up to all the THINGS in life!
Me: What THINGS?
Lucy: More adversity!

TitleIX said...

Enter The Lions. Down 8 late to the Bills. Sigh.

TitleIX said...

OMG. lions score with no time outs and 19 seconds on the clock. Need 2.....

And, we officially SUCK. Incomplete. Bills get their first win.

Andy said...

Lions successfully protect their imperfect record against the winless Bills.

Two weeks in a row they turn a victory into defeat because they can't make a kick.

surrounded in columbus said...

nice analogy.

maybe i've watched too much HGTV but my metaphor would be to liken this experience to remodeling the kitchen.

first there's the phase in which it's gutted, down to the studs, w/ nothing but exposed pipes & dangling wires. it's a wreck & you can't do anything in the room.

then, you start the reconstruction, and it begins to take shape. you feel like no matter how much effort you make, nothing seems to get done. the new appliances & cabinets have arrived. the new tile is in the boxes in the garage. you can begin to see it, but it just seems so slow & using the kitchen is damned near impossible.

finally, it all starts to come together. it's still under construction & cooking is a pain. not everything is in place, but some of it works. most importantly, you can see the progress; you can see how great it all can be when it's finished.

and that's sorta where i feel this is all at- still under construction but almost finished. it's still very imperfect, and not what you want it to look like when it's all done, but you can sorta use it, and you can really see how great it's all gonna be when complete.

either that, or we're gonna need to hire a new contractor in a year or two to fix all this (sorta like the college football version of "Holmes on Homes"?).

whetstonebuck said...

Huh? What? Did someone call for a stud?