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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Two-Minute Drill

Michigan coaches going pink Saturday for a good cause - no, not as some comment about the defense but to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

* Maize N Brew Dave says sources "inside Schembechler Hall have confirmed with us that Michigan's offensive and defensive coaches have re-doubled their efforts to prepare the Wolverines for their critical midseason showdown" with Iowa.  Really?  I would've thought they would have doubled down in preparation for the showdown with our undefeated, ranked, intrastate rival which we hadn't beaten the previous two seasons.  But maybe that's just me.

*  High class problems:  Some Bucks uneasy about being #1

Taking one final look back at the wreckage that was the M/MSU game...

Brian at MGoBlog sums it up perfectly.

* And *sigh* so does Gerd in his always-excellent-but-sometimes-painful-to-read Michigan Monday column

*  Is Michigan the best flag football team in America?

* Lloydballed

*  UPDATE: And this late addition from Genuinely Sarcastic is spot on.

*  Finally, MZone reader KCM is either a) getting into the Halloween spirit or b) making a comment on how anything with a winged helmet tackled last Saturday.


Mikoyan said...

Wow, that was a pretty nice shot of Miller touching the banner. I wonder what news wire they got that from.....

J said...

From the Auburn Nation over at TigersX.com...

WELCOME BACK!! You were sorely missed.


Oh, and bammer still sucks big fat ones... probably tOSU's sloppy seconds.

Yost said...

Jen! Thank you! Good to be back.

PS Put up some Les Miles stuff last week that me thinks you might enjoy.