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Monday, October 11, 2010

Spartans Take Over A2

Right on State Street.

The horror. The horror.


Andy said...

I used to live right there on State Street.

It is nice to see nothing was being broken or burned. You can't blame them for celebrating. They kicked our asses (again) and have every reason to be excited.

whetstonebuck said...

Is it tacky to suggest, "to the VICTOR goes the spoils?"

justthinking said...


Ought to get a $%^#$%^ week's worth from the incessant pouring of salt into the open wounds around here - and yes, that's WOUNDS, as in plural; more than one, as in three (3).

Something to ease the pain, the pain...the...pain......

srudoff said...

Crazy stat...

Dantonio has as many Big Ten wins in the past 3 years in Ann Arbor (2) as Rodriguez.

That just seems unfathomable

Yost said...


Damnit, you're right. Completely unfathomable and there's NO excuse for it. None.

srudoff said...

I had to go to espn.com to look it up after i heard it because it seemed just....wrong.

But you guys beat Wisky (2008) and Indiana (2009) and he won there in 2008 and 2010.

Andy said...

How about some analysis....

Before the start of the season I saw 7 wins. That was before Troy Woolfolk went down.

Right now, I may dial that down to 6 wins. It is quite possible we don't win another game this season and the "reset" button gets pushed by Brandon afterall.

We still chould have a shot at taking down either Purdue or Penn State. Illinois runs the ball like Sparty minus the senior QB, so I don't like our chances there. Iowa, Wisconsin, and Ohio State -- I am already collecting the healing images.

srudoff said...

You guys will beat PSU and Purdue.

Illinois I would NOT be surprised to see you beat them.

You will beat one of Iowa or Wisky - just have a feeling.

I'm going with 8-4.

If that plays out, do you get rid of Rodriguez? 8-4 but 0-6 against your two traditional rivals.

Little known stupid fact, every time I read Rrod's last name, I pronounce it like Les Nessman pronounced Chi Chi Rodriguez's last name on WKRP. Not sure if anyone here is old enough to remember that episode.

Anyway - I have you going 8-4.

Andy said...

Sru, I always knew you were a lunatic... but I never thought I would see it come thru on a pro Michigan take. No way we beat Iowa or Wisconsin.

If we go 8-4 there is NO WAY Brandon fires him. If we win seven games, I still don't see him getting canned (unless the bucks beat us by 50 or so).

Mikoyan said...

I don't really have much of a problem with the video. They weren't blocking traffic. They weren't burning anything. So whatever. I do have ap roblem with that going on in the Stadium though.