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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Potential New U-M Defensive Coordinator Found on YouTube

I'm not saying this kid's schemes are better than Gerg's--

Okay, yes I am.


phil said...

I know they are just miniature plastic men but I still find myself yelling,

plooder said...

From 11 Warriors blog: 'I feel I can say without hyperbole that Michigan might have the worst defense in college football. With hyperbole I can also add that the only difference between Michigan's defense and a dead raccoon in the middle of the road is that sometimes people will swerve to avoid running over the raccoon.'

Mikoyan said...

Obviously the folks at 11 Warriors are a bunch of drunk monkeys because there is no way that Michigan's defense is worse than Eastern Michigan's defense....No way. I mean Michigan's defense is bad but certainly not worse than Eastern's....

Yost said...

Phil, I'm still laughing at that comment. Funny, funny, FUNNY!