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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Over for M/MSU Game is Previously Undiscovered Theoretical Number

(from MZone wire reports)  Las Vegas, NV -- Las Vegas bookmakers attempting to set the "over" for this weekend's Michigan-Michigan State game have discovered a previously unknown theoretical number said to be higher than infinity.

Phillip "Fat Tony" Mozzello, oddsmaker for Caesar's Palace, said he and other Sin City bookies stumbled upon the number Saturday night as they gathered at Harrah's to establish the betting line for the following weekend.

"With the explosiveness of Denard Robinson, we initially thought the over/under for that game was gonna be about 70," said Mozzello. "Then we watched Michigan's defense in the Indiana game and the line immediately jumped to 170. But Petey 'Little Mikey' Riggatoni at the Flamingo said that was still too low. Especially with Greg Robinson and his 'Bend (Over and Grab Your Ankles) But Don't Break' defensive scheme."

Sal "Medium Nicky" Provelone, head of gaming operations for the Riviera Hotel and Casino and Is That Place Still Open?, agreed. "We worked on it into the night and at 3 a.m. it was still going up. Finally, we said fuggedaboutit had to call some math guys."

The final result is a theoretical number that can not yet be expressed with a numerical value. When reached by the MZone, mathematicians at MIT said the number can be explained in layman's terms as pi times the population of China times that problem on the chalkboard in GOOD WILL HUNTING.

ED. NOTE: Benny is expected to make a full recovery after
 taking this unauthorized photo inside a Vegas sports book


Merrick 561 said...

I'm still taking the over on this game, considering we ned all of 45 seconds to score and be scored on. Meaning approximately 80 scores in a game, bringing the total to 560. This does not include how ever many overtimes are required.

Mikoyan said...

Apparently Michigan State is going to join the ranks of Big 10 stadiums to renovate. According to plans released, they are going to add concertina wire and guard towers so the players feel more at home.

TitleIX said...

Is it called concertina wire because it makes you sing soooo high if you get caught on it??

Mikoyan said...

Actually you're closer than you think. It is so called because it fans out like the instrument which is kind of like an accordian.

defensewinsgames said...

(a2 + b2 +b2) X pi X (infinity) / drew sharp's iq = total points