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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

One look back at IU (for good reason!)

I love college football in October in the Midwest:  The leaves are changing.  There's a chill in the air.  And co-eds come to the games dressed in half-shirts and thigh-high boots.

I'm sorry, what was that last part?

Yeah, like you needed the arrow. "Gee, Yost, which girl were you talking about-- Oh, that one? Thanks for the tip. Would have never figured that out my own."


justthinking said...

Ziiing - nothing like a little distraction behind the opposing team's bench. +1 for Hoosier Gamesmanship.

And I bet she has one of those, hot, sweet and sticky, syrupy-slow southerrrrnnn drawalllllls to go with all that.


DGardner to Tate (On sideline, shouting over raucus crowd noise): "Looks like Denard's hurt. Wonder which of our numbers'll get called to go in."

Tate (shouting back to DGardner over crowd noise): "Whaaat? Dude, I'm so innnn. I got her number during the last time out." (Raises hand to show phone number Sharpied on his palm)


(Side note: Absolutely had no idea that young women who lived "up north" in Indiana (W. of Indianapolis)could sound like they were born and raised in Valdosta, GA - until I met a few. When that IU undergrad and her three friends roadtripped "further north" to Grand Haven for a long weekend at the beach - they were all 100% astonished that they couldn't see across Lake Michigan...no lie. Man, the days of my youth were so 20 years ago....)

wv: fockh (no lie)

BaggyPantsDevil said...

More kudos for Tate Forcier for ignoring all that exposed female flesh and the collegiate stripper attire--not the easiest thing for a 20 year old male to do--and staying focused on his backup duties.

See, Michigan isn't all Denard Robinson.

Mikoyan said...

You can see across Lake Michigan from Michigan City. Well you can at least see the top of Chicago from there.


ChicagoWolverine said...

I believe this is why we all rush to mzone everyday - well done yost!

Yost said...

All props to Andy, CW. He had the grueling job of finding this one.

Hemlock Philosopher said...

Thanks Andy. Thanks.

616goblue said...

Yost and Andy,

Are pictures like this anti-healing or celebratory?

OH! I got it! After every win Yost and Andy find a similiarly clad coed from the university that Michigan just played! Help the other team heal and us Mzoners can appreciate the healing process at the same time.

Whaddya think?

Yost said...

Whatever excuse we can use, 616, I'm all for.

Andy said...

The funny thing is... during the TV broadcast I saw the goofy guys in the painted stripes and hoped to grab an image for the MZone. I started looking thru the various galleries (assuming some photog would have captured them) -- and BAM... there she was....

Suddenly the guys in stripes didn't matter any more.

Andy said...

Also, there is no truth to the rumor that with a minute left she took the lead from the guy next to her and took off her shirt entirely... causing the Indiana defense to stop, stare, and lose concentration allowing Denard to drive the Wolverines to the final touchdown and victory.

phil said...

Andy, I like the way you think. There are so many things I could say that would totally get me in trouble, so I'm going to let the clock run out and leave with a shred of dignity.