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Monday, October 18, 2010

Now Playing at the MZone Theater

What the critics are saying about this week's provocative and controversial double feature:

"I feel like we've seen these films before.  Thumbs down."
Roger Ebert
Chicago Sun-Times

"Two films sure to end up on Brian's 'Naughty List'"
Peter Travers
Rolling Stone

"Hahahahahahaha! Fuck Michigan! You guys suck! 2,521 days!"
Some OSU fan who likes to troll on Michigan sites


srudoff said...

"where we're going, we won't need a Carr"

surrounded in columbus said...

have a good weekend too, Sru?

if you need ticks to the Cap One Bowl, let me know. i gotta friend who lives in Orlando...


phil said...

I'm looking forward to the days when the movie title will be "The Sound of Go Blue Music" with the RichVonTrapp family singers and such great songs as:
-I have 16 wins going on 17
-So Long, Farwell Tressel
-Kicking Rivals Butts, these are few of my favorite things.
-I Have Confidence

(please don't get the wrong impression and think I sit alone in mom's basement and watch this movie over and over by myself. Actually raising a bunch of daughters, I have this movie memorized)

surrounded in columbus said...

i literally LOL'd. my oldest is a show choir/"Gleek" and her favorite has always been this movie.

our high school also did the broadway version (and she had a small part).

we could probably have a contest over who has seen it the most...

Andy said...

I also have a 17 year old daughter. I have seen that movie so many times, I can recite the script.

When she was about 9, we went to Salzburg and "had to" go on the SofM tour throughout the town. To her, it was better than Disney.

Andy said...

BTW, Sru, very funny.

It makes up for the "half championship" one on the previous post.

srudoff said...


thanks - and agree, they can't all be hilarious.

SIC - had a great weekend - my oldest son (11) made a Dwight Clark-esque catch in OT to win the game for his team.

I'll trade you tickets to the Little Caesars bowl for those Cap One tickets - that way we'll both get to see our team play - provided you guys are bowl eligible of course. Perhaps revenge against Toledo is in order.

whetstonebuck said...


Remember when you bought that shiny new car/truck and parked it sideways taking up two spaces just to protect it? All your waking moments were filled with dread, worrying that someone might scratch or dent your new four-wheeled idol.

And then, some moronic kid bounces a shopping cart off your gleaming chariot!

The upside to this is you can get back to living. It's just a truck.

That's how I feel...every season.

Back to living.

surrounded in columbus said...

You ever have an epiphany? You think about something about something for a while, but you still don’t get it? And then suddenly the light switches “on”, and you see it?

So I didn’t’ pay much attention in Psych, but I do remember the concept of “transference”. I remember the Prof giving the example of a guy who has a bad day at work, but because he’s impotent and powerless to address the real problems that make him unhappy, he “transfers” those feelings to something else, such as kicking the dog or cutting other drivers off in traffic.

And while I’m wondering this a.m. what would possess someone to want to be a troll and go haunt other teams’ websites, it just pops into my head- transference. Tsou goes from the preseason conference favorite, w/ 7 or 8 returning seniors on D, several on the O line, and the preseason (again) Big Ten offensive player of the year at QB, sitting at number one w/ everyone making their reservations to Glendale, to projected to play in the Cap One Bowl. All in one 4 hour humiliating beat down by a team that lost to MSU by 10 points.

What do you do if this happens? Look inward to see if maybe you’re a little too caught up in things? Go to a tosu site & complain about the coaching? TP’s failed potential? The lack of a running game?

Or avoid addressing the issue that your team is a huge disappointment and that the game has passed your coach by and he’s never going to win another national championship and instead go to a Michigan site say something snarky?

Too bad I didn’t pay more attention in class. Maybe there’s a cure for this & I just didn’t listen that day?

Andy said...


surrounded in columbus said...

i spent 3 hours Saturday at the neighbors, being a "good husband" and sitting thru the tosu game at their party w/ my wife.

as individuals, in day to day life, in dealing w/ normal matters, like playing golf or mowing the yard (anything NOT related to college football), they would seem pretty normal.

watching a football game, when tosu is losing? they are nuttier in person than they are on the internet.

and whets- just a coincidence that went in under your comment.

you are many things- snarky is not one of them...

GoBlueBob said...

sic.... I agree with you about whets and also think you invented a new word.... srunarky... I like it.

srudoff said...

osu's fortunes have nothing to do with me posting here. we beat oregon in the bowl game despite being told we're going to lose - still posted here. started the season looking great with high expectations - still posted here. lost a night road game in a very hostile environment - still posted here.

sorry to ruin your attempt at dime store psychology. clearly you didn't pay attention in class as you suggested

being a dissenting voice is much more appealing to me than going to an OSU site and saying the same thing everyone else is. pretty simple.

for what it's worth, my initial comment in this thread wasn't disparaging or combative - it was a play on words that tied in nicely to the movie poster. andy was able to find it funny without "transferring" his anger from this weekend.

surrounded in columbus said...

"dissenting voice"?

now, THAT's some funny stuff.

srudoff said...

perhaps you also weren't listening the day they defined 'dissenting' in class

surrounded in columbus said...

oh, i'm pretty sure about that one.

it's just funny, you thinking of yourself as this clarion call to the "real" truth amongst all these mislead michigan fans. bringing us back to reality, letting us know the "other side of the story".

you're just a regular football "Clarence Darrow", helping us all out by pointing out the error of our cotton pickin' Maize & Blue ways, aren't you now?

it's like a public service almost. what ever would we do w/ you to tell us that our team(s) suck?

no, what i really think is that people usually ignore you, and when you go to a tosu website & sing along w/ the chorus, they still ignore.

and when you come here and say something shitty about Michigan, you get more attention than you're used to getting.

how's that for arm chair psych?

and i think the best cure for this would be not reinforcing your negative behavior anymore.

go ahead you get the last word.
consider it a gift.

surrounded in columbus said...

Whets is a tosu football fan, not a "buckeye". You can tell the difference (complete sentences, words with multiple sylables).

Either of you see the stage version in addition to the movie? Running debate @ our house which is better?

surrounded in columbus said...

Make that "Syllables". New crackberry with a tighter keyboard ;D

whetstonebuck said...


"...you are many things- snarky is not one of them..."

Uh, hmmm. Maybe snarky is better than the many things you think I am.

Just sayin' (with a disconcerted tone).

I am a Buckeye via DNA. I know it's a biological fact, because I watch CSI.

surrounded in columbus said...

and if you see it on television, it must be true...

keeping w/ the "SofM" theme-

Rolf/Whets, you'll never be one of them...

phil said...

Surrounded - LOL's --I was just thinking "Rolf/Whets, you'll never be one of them..." Good Call!!

I've experienced the play and the movie. Both different, both great.

In the SofM theme, "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Srudoff?"

whetstonebuck said...

What is this S&M theme to which you constantly refer?

Does it have to do with being a Michigan fan?

I'm so confused.

phil said...

Whet, they are two different things. Let me help:

- SofM is like when you're going to bed down in mom's basement and you sing "So long, farewell
Auf Wiedersehen, goodnight"

-S&M is what you do to your mom's Glamour Magazine.

whetstonebuck said...


And you know this how?