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Monday, October 25, 2010

The MZone: Your Source For Facts!

So, just how legit is the MZone?  Well...

I was searching for something relating to the Oregon/Death Star post we put up on Friday and stumbled across the Wikipedia entry the site has for the Oregon fight song, "Mighty Oregon." 

And where do the fine folks who put up Wikipedia entries get their entries?  Scary as it sounds, they get some of their info from the MZone because one of the three entries listed as "References" for the article at the bottom of the page was Benny's "Know Your Foe: Oregon" from 2007.

Which is ironic because, as Benny said when I pointed this out to him, "This is fantastic. The funny thing is, I probably used Wikipedia as my original source."

So while it's very flattering, just remember: using the MZone for facts is like using The Daily Show as a news source.

If we said this was Jim Tressell minus his sweater vest, would Wikipedia buy it?

ED. NOTE: The picture above is an undoctored pic from one of our old caption contests.  No, seriously.


GoBlueBob said...

I was going to try to make some kind of joke about sru or whets with this post but this photo is so disgusting I could not bring myself to do it. Yost... please post five or six more things quickly to push this down the page.

Yost said...

Yeah, that is a strain on the ol' retinas, GBB.