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Friday, October 08, 2010

MSU Fan Shows Off Analytical Skills That Landed Him at MSU

MZone reader AC sends us the YouTube clip below in which some misguided and misinformed (is there any other kind?) MSU fan gets all Zapruder on the infamous Clockgate game from 2001...

So what's the problem with "bawol's" analysis? Plenty says AC:

1. Where does he get his assumption that when the TV clock says 0:03, it means 0:03.99?
2. Even assuming # 1 is true, do we know if he calibrated his clock to exactly when TV’s clock went to 0:03?;
3. Even assuming # 1 and # 2 are true, do we know that the TV clock is the game clock?
4. Even assuming # 1, 2 and 3 are true, the point is Spartan Bob stopped the clock before the referee signaled to do so, and the clock is supposed to stop on ref’s signal, not when ball hits ground. 
5. Even with #4 I think the other thing that happened was that the refs ran around like mice on speed trying to mark spot the ball ready for play on that drive, which they are not supposed to do, they are supposed to maintain some degree of consistency in doing so.

Fact of the matter is that the Big Ten determined what happened (having time on the clock to run the final play) was improper and changed how clocks are maintained as a result. So the facts speaks for themselves. Tell this dude to go back to chasing Big Foot.


srudoff said...

For what it's worth, there is no rule that says that refs are supposed to maintain some sort of consistency in getting the ball spotted and set. Watch any game that comes down to the final seconds and you'll see the refs scrambling to get it spotted and set. Not saying that would have mattered in this case. MSU's coach should have complained to the refs to put more time back on the clock like Lloyd Carr seemed to do at least once a year. Can't remember which game it was but his successful lobbying to get more time on the clock won at least one game in his last two years (I remember watching it but don't remember which game).

Andy said...

2005 Penn State.

He was right with his complaint.

srudoff said...

ah yes, it was the Penn State game in 2005. He demanded 2 more seconds to be put back on the clock and got them. you guys scored on a play that started with one second left in the game. thank you google

srudoff said...

ha you beat me to it Andy

Randy said...

In addition to what "AC" points out, there is one other thing that totally undermines the whole premise of this "analysis"... under his premise, when the clock says 0:03 it means there is 0:03.99 left, well that means when the game clock says 15:00, it actually means there is 15:00.99 left so all these years we thought a college football game lasted 60 minutes, but thanks to this Einstein we now know that every game is actually 60:03.96 long. Enough said, this guy needs to resume his studies at the MSU Institute for Sheep Teaching and Research.

Mikoyan said...

Maybe he thinks that football games should have a leap game where the game may only last like 45 minutes to make up for all those near minutes gained.