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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Michigan vs. Iowa Open Thread


hmbfossil said...

Welcome back Yost, been reading you since late 2006. And thank you to Andy and T9 for continuing a community that lets those of us who cheer for Michigan all the other fall weekends except this one, stop in every once in a while.

Whether it was the "Hayden v. Bo Show" or last year's prime time game, Iowa v. Michigan has provided some pretty entertaining football the last 25 years. Yes, UM holds a huge overall series advantage but looking forward, I think this is going to become a nice rivalry for "our" division. The media will fawn all over Nebraska, but until they establish a little conference history, I say "we were here first!"

This game can go a long way in establishing that rivalry. If Michigan wins... become bowl eligible and throw a wrench in Iowa's Rose Bowl/BCS plans, Iowa wins... a road win against a big name program (even in rebuilding, it's still Meechigan)and continued aggrevation for Michigan fans.

This game all depends on the offensive lines. I am impressed by how big Michigan's line looks on TV. It's no wonder DRob has holes to fly through. If they also have speed, they will keep Iowa's D in check. If Iowa's O-line plays like they did against Arizona, you won't have to worry about Michigan's secondary being tested. Stanzi won't have time to throw that far.

Having said all that, Iowa fans are going through a transformation. They are allowing themselves to have high expectations about Hawkeye Football... and we even say them aloud, which is new for us. So, I expect Iowa to win, but I still suspect that it will be a close, entertaining game.

Iowa 28, Michigan 24

And from this Iowa Band Fossil to the Michigan Band Alums - Happy Homecoming!

Bigasshammm said...

Up and ready. Will be dropping the kids off at the pool (haha I mean parents) then on the way to Bob's tailgate. Here's to a great day and better game. M 38 Iowa 17. You heard it here first.

TitleIX said...

Like the optimism BAH!!! I'm still a bit uneasy. Today will be about momentum. If we score early and often in the 1st and the 3 rd we win.

GoBlueBob said...

T9... Hammm and Mikoyan will be at my tailgate today at about 11:00. Stop by to say hello if you are around.

Andy said...

Wow, this thread is like old home week for Spawn regulars. Good to hear from you HMB, I had a feeling you would break the silence.

Also, Hammm.... Good to see you.... I am glad you have decided to stick around.

Yost said...

Very jealous that you guys are all going to be in A2 today. Wish I was there in person but will be there in spirit.

Glad to have you back, BAH.

Go Blue!

Yost said...

And thanks for stopping in, hmb. Unfortunately, I agree w/ your pick for the game. I only hope it's close.

Catie said...

HAIL!!!! I feel good about this game. I am in A2, just not at the game festivities :( I do have tickets for the Whisky game though! I miss my season tickets, but I do have to say, it is fun watching it on TV and getting to watch other games. (there is always a silver lining!)


FrankG said...

Sweet...just saw that The Rock is going to be on ESPN3 this afternoon...guess I know what I can watch if homecoming goes bad

Andy said...

Great start.

Iowa goes three and out.

We drive and score.


Andy said...

Iowa leads 14-7.

Our "defense" showed back up after the first two hawkeye drives.

It is going to be a long ugly day.

Merrick 561 said...

Blocked FG, and we run away from the ball!?!? WTF, get your heads in the game at least.

It is going to be a looooooooong day

Andy said...

Can someone please explain to me why Big Will Campbell is playing guard on the field goal team?

Andy said...

21-7 Iowa.

It is hard for me to describe how poor our linebackers play.

Andy said...

Halftime. 21-7.

None of this is surprising: Iowa is beating our defense like they are 3rd string high schoolers. RR is screaming at Denard. The crowd is booing. Happy f**king Homecoming.

At this point, I am not sure we beat Purdue or Penn State.

Andy said...

Oh yeah, David Molk went down on the first drive and has not returned. Not good.

Yost said...


Agree 100%! THAT is ALL coaching! WTF?!?!?

Yost said...

Molk's absence is huge. Next to Denard, he's about the last player we can afford to lose.

Andy said...

Two important plays in the first half.

1) Jordan Kovacs drops an interception when Iowa is inside the red zone. Iowa scores a few plays later to tie it at seven. If Kovacs makes the pick, he may have scored.

2) facing a third and fourteen, Iowa runs the ball to set up the FG... Except we can't tackle and they gain 15 yards and the first down. The score a few plays later to go up 21-7.

I know our defense is young, but even freshmen should be able to tackle, right?

Yost said...


Yeah, that 3 and 14 was atrocious. They run straight up the middle for 15?! Seriously? Like you said, that shouldn't happen no matter what the age of the players.

Andy said...

End of 3. 28-7 Iowa.

Denard is hurt. Tate is in. Too bad there is no such thing as a running clock in college football.

Andy said...

We score making it 28-14.

And then... Kick the ball out of bounds, get gashed on a couple of backside running plays, face mask penalty, burned on a slant with no safety help.

Iowa leads 35-14

Andy said...

Tate with a bomb to Hemmingway for the touchdown. Iowa's defensive back looks like one of ours.

35-21. Hawkeyes still lead.

Time for a Stanzi pick-six.

srudoff said...

How does richrod NOT know that you can't decline a false start penalty?

Andy said...

Defense makes a stop.

Tate driving them again.

Could this be happening?

Andy said...

Sru, I think he was claiming they ran a play.

Tate scores.

It is now a one score ballgame.


Andrew said...

I just puked...can someone pass the tums...
GO BLUE..lets pull this out

Andy said...

Another kick out of bounds kills the momentum.

Merrick 561 said...

If we're going to kick it out of bounds... may as well go for the onsides kick. not much different

Andy said...

We need a turnover soooooo bad

srudoff said...


Andy said...

Iowa coverts on consecutive 3rd downs. They are driving. We continue to lack the basic tackling skills needed to win.

Merrick 561 said...

If only we could tackle... We'd have a chance to at least tie this game. Terrible to miss 4 or 5 tackles on a play when you hae them in the backfield, and they end up with the first down

Andy said...

Iowa kicks a FG to up by ten. 38-28.

Andy said...

Tate throws a pick. 1:54 left. It is over.

Yost said...

Yeah, the missed tackles aren't about being young - it's about BASIC FOOTBALL FUNDAMENTALS. Period. You shouldn't have been recruited if you can't make those tackles, those aren't something you need to be a junior or senior to be able to make.

MFAN IN Disgrace said...

What a Shame....out coached,.... out played.... the worst effort I have ever seen!!! 2-1/2 years and we still cannot tackle!!! Special Teams a disgrace!!!

Rich Rod folds like a cheap lawn chair under pressure!!!

Greg Robinson's defense in total disarray! Not a Clue!!!!

Take this hillbilly football back where it belongs to the losers in the south!!!!

I have been a Michigan football fan since 1965 (three family graduates) and this is the worst I have ever seen as far as coaching and basic football defense!!!

What a embarrassment on national TV

$3 million a year for this coaching effort!!!! I have been unemployed for 10 months and would not have lasted 2 months in a job less alone 2-1/2 years with a performance like Rich Rod Has Had!!!

Enough is Enough!!!

He will surely empty the stadium like before the BO Days!

Cut your Losses and get rid of HIM Now!!!!

This used to be a TEAM the BIG TEN OPPONENTS FEARED now it just goes down as a win in the preseason analysis!!!

Mikoyan said...

Blah. This one feels worse than the loss last week because I feel like Michigan gave the game away. Two kicks out of bounds. A boatload of picks. And the Defense not stopping anything (well they had a few good stops).

Oh well...