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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lions tailgates aren't a big draw, the earth is round and other obvious shit

We don't cover pro football here on the MZone.  I'm just not a big fan of the NFL game.  However, I stumbled across the videos linked below of two Rams fans walking outside Ford Field before the Lions/Rams game Sunday and had to share.

In three clips entitled Awful Tailgating 101, 102 and 103, the two guys who call themselves Cadillac J and M. Money have a jolly ol' time mocking the pre-game activities before the Detroit hosted St. Louis.

Gee, what an amazing discovery. You mean to tell me that the 'losingest' sports franchise in the NFL over the last decade-plus isn't a hotbed of tailgate activity? I'm stunned. Seriously, these two guys are geniuses. CSI:NFL-type shit. Quick, sell this story to HBO Sports before somebody else breaks it.

But what I really enjoyed were their predictions.  Especially M. Money's prognostication in AT 103 that the final score - I'm not kidding here - would be 44-6 Rams.  Yes, he says 44-6.  It's the video.


Hey, how'd that work out for ya, Nostradamus?  Because I didn't see any snarky post-game videos up on their YouTube account.

Hopefully they at least have a good tailgate to return to back home.

1 comment:

Mikoyan said...

Maybe instead of calling it Awful Tailgating 101, they should call it awful Video Production 101. I think I got motion sickness from the bouncing of the camera.

I did like it that he predicted the final score.....Except he had the teams reversed.

And one more thing...Wow, kicking Detroit, there's a new one. Fuckers.