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Friday, October 15, 2010

It's official: Michigan vs. Alabama in 2012

See you in 2012 (what? A man can't dream?)
Confirming what everybody already knew, Michigan will face the Crimson Tide in Dallas on September 2nd, 2012.  The season opening game will be played at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, with Michigan designated as the away team and 'Bama the home squad.  Officials say tickets will be split 50/50 between the two schools.

A tip o' the hat to Michigan AD Dave Brandon for scheduling this game.  I'd much rather play a tough non-con game such as this - which, judging by current results, will be even more of a challenge - than a home game against some crap MAC school or 1-AA opponent.

You win just by stepping up, playing this game and having the eyes of the college football world focused on your school.  I, for one, can't wait (especially if the girl in this picture is there.  No, seriously, I think I have a shot.  I read somewhere she's got a thing for bloggers).

ED. NOTE:  In looking for a picture for this post initially using the search terms "Michigan Alabama" I learned that there are absolutely no words benign enough with Google's safe search turned off.  Now, what the word "Michigan" or "Alabama" has to do with the picture that "popped up" toward the bottom of the result page I don't know.  I can only assume that maybe the naked woman on the bed was from Michigan and the equally naked man thrusting his midsection in her face was from Alabama.  Outside of that, your guess is as good as mine.


justthinking said...

Wow - a healing picture two years ahead of a game. That's a first.

Hope they split the stadium in half on the goalpoasts, with each fan base on their team's side of the field. Maize vs Crimson.

Hopefully it will be the DRob and DHart show that day, with "DHart Chooses MI over Bama back in 2010" being the storyline before and especially after the game.

Took a lot of STONES for DBrandon to schedule this one with the teams we've been fielding lately. That vote of confidence has to help recruiting the next two classes, along with keeping the current head coach in place.

I know our offense will be off the charts good, so cheers to whomever is building the Defense between the now and then.

No doubt DBrandon is omnipotent, but man it would be good to know that he's a bit omniscient as well.

That is going to be a can't miss party for sure. Scored my Delta buddy passes yesterday for round trip transportation. Just need tix.

srudoff said...

man your 2012 schedule is tough

@ ND
@ Purdue
@ Nebraska
@ Minn

Harbaugh going to have his hands full

Andy said...


I just hope he can convince some of the Stanford defensive backs and linebackers to follow him.

Everyone else,

I am going to the LSU/Alabama game in a couple of weeks. I will do the research to determine if she really is a bam a fan.....

J said...

@Andy, I can save you the trouble. I can guarantee you she is not a bammer.

1. She has all her teeth.

2. No stretch marks from the teen pregnancy/ies.

3. No black eye healing from last weekend (did you know that in the State of AL, the rate of Domestic Violence triples in the 36 hours following a bammer loss? Just sayin')

Now, I may just have to borrow some maize and blue gear and consider a road trip from Houston to Jerryland. I have always liked Michigan - great colors, great fight song, great history. A hatred of a school with "red" as a primary color. Not to mention the ubercoolness of Yost and this blog. So it is gonna be easy to pull for Michigan against those drunken, trashy, classless, toothless, mullet sporting, mesh cap wearing, inbred, meth mouthed, goathumping, cousinfucking morons from Turdcaloser.

War Eagle and Go Blue!!


Yost said...


Don't beat around the bush - how do you really feel?

Glad to have you hanging around again here on Ye Ol' MZone 2.0.

Yost said...

PS Andy, you have to get some good Les Miles shots while you're there. I smell Photoshop opportunities.

Mikoyan said...

There is one problem with this game....some money is going to find its way into the coffers of the Evil Empire.