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Monday, October 11, 2010

In-Depth Analysis of the M/MSU Game With Angry Guy

UPDATE:  Apparently Angry Guy got angry with his buddy who posted all the videos below as they have been removed from YouTube.

Hey, Angry Guy, what does Michigan need to do to turn this game around?

Astute observation Angry Guy.  Can't argue with you there. But it's more than that with this defense, isn't it?  I mean what do you think of the tackling?  Or the coverage, Angry Guy?

So I guess you're not a fan of Gerg Robinson, huh? Us neither.  He-- Uh oh.  Don't look at the TV, Angry Guy.  Seriously, I don't want you to burst a blood vessel.  Don't look.  Shit.  You're looking.  You see where he is, Angry Guy?

Yep, in the endzone.  But a lot of teams are ending up there against Michigan this year.  Hell, even UMass. One more question, Angry Guy.  You've stood up for coach Rodriguez in the past, but what did you think of Rich Rod having U-M punt on 4th and 9 with six minutes left and U-M trailing by 17? 

Yeah, that was a wuss move.  Coach Rod even admitted it after the game.  And you mentioned the tackling before.  Several times, I'm pretty sure.  So would it be fair to say here, Angry Guy, that you're not happy with Coach Rod and the team today?  Is that an accurate statement?  Please, just answer the question.  No need to yell anymore, Angry Guy.  I already have enough spittle on my face.

Well, thanks for taking the time out of your angry busy day to talk to us here at the MZone.  We really hope to do it again (no, I mean really).


whetstonebuck said...

That boy has a potty mouth. I feel so dirty.

Mikoyan said...

That sounds like the guy that was sitting behind me at the game.

But to use a line from one of the football columnists I read regularly, when that punt went up I could write "game over" in my mind.

southcarolinawolverine said...

Not sure which is worse, the guy on the video or the person who put the guy on the video on this blog.

How about talking about some future recruits on the defense rather than wasting your time with stuff like this. Just a thought.

Andy said...


You must have been sitting in my seat. As much as I love Michigan football, I can't stand the negativity of the fans when things are tough.


As painful as it is to watch, this guy (and all fans like him) need to be exposed and embarrassed. We don't talk about recruiting or x and o's here. There are other places for that... Here we explore the edges of ridiculous.

Yost said...


I'm not sure which is worse: the guy who posted this or the dude with no sense of humor who comes to the comedy-centric college football blog looking for analysis.

Just a thought.

southcarolinawolverine said...

Where is the Spawn of MZone when you need it? I cannot remember them posting stuff like this.

I will look for other Michigan sites to follow.


whetstonebuck said...

There are other Michigan sites?

Huh. Who'd a thought.

Bigasshammm said...

In a way I agree with SCW. Ever since this started back up and the Spawn was abandoned it seems we've lost some of our sophistication. Yes some of the posts are funny but a lot of them are eh and they are coming at us at a blistering pace. Plus gone are the sidebar trophies that helped make the Spawn so great. No one cares anymore about the fantasy football league or the bowl pick'em or pretty much anything. We just get video after video.

Yost said...


Aw, my feelings are hurt.


Yost said...

Big, in a strange way, I also agree with you in that when I was away, you didn't have to read stuff you didn't like and I didn't have to waste any of my time on rude comments like yours today and a couple weeks ago. I ignored the first but now you're at it again.

So let me clarify - no, no one does care about the fantasy football league posts. At least I don't recall them getting linked on other sites or anybody passing them to me in my inbox. So if that's what this is about - posting comments like that b/c I - blame me, not Andy or T9 - b/c I don't want to continue PRO fantasy football league posts that a) nobody reads except the 4 people in the league and b) don't fit in with the site, sorry, man.

However, if you want to contribute humorous or insightful or original material, more than happy to have it. Other readers do and we post it all the time. But to bitch b/c you're still mad that your fantasy football league posts aren't up is really uncool.


The Management

Mikoyan said...

I mean yes, in the deep dark recesses of my mind, I was thinking what this guy was saying but then the filter that goes between my brain and mouth kicks in. At some point, I have to remind myself that these are basically kids that are now half my age. Am I upset that they lost? Yes. do I wish they played better? Yes. And seriously, how much of the game is on the kids and how much of it is on the coaches.

But as much as the guy behind me was pissing me off, what pissed me off more was hearing the "Go Green Go White" chants and nothing coming back at it. They can have their moment at home.

Bigasshammm said...

Well seeing as how Andy made a special side bar award for the fantasy football winner last year Zoltan's Heroes and also the Bowl Pick'em and we have 14 people in the league this year that all stemmed from visitors to the Spawn I'd say people cared. It's clear that the Spawn was everyone's blog as much as it was Andy's and T9s and this clearly is "your blog" and what anyone else thinks doesn't matter. I guess in the actual Mzone having an opinion is deemed "rude" and from now on I should keep it to myself. Which I will. I'll stay at Mgoblog and stop frequenting this site.
Everyone else that I interact with from here knows how to get in touch with me.

Yost said...

Sorry you feel that way, Big. This IS a community of welcomed diverse opinions. Ask Sru. :)

And opposing opinions, critiques and complaints are welcome. You don't see your comments being removed, do you?

But if you're gonna criticize, then have thick enough skin to have that criticism rebutted or to receive some in return.

Sadly, if you must leave, then I can think of no finer place to hang than MGoBlog. Brian is not only the best Michigan blogger out there, he is the best sports blogger. Period. That's why I read it every day.

And Brian's also why we here at the MZone don't try to compete on the analysis level. Brian does it the best it can be done. So we have our comedy niche. Folks looking for something else are going to be disappointed.

whetstonebuck said...

Speaking of criticism aimed at coaches and/or players...

I was listening to Sirius radio today and the sports show put on by the Alabama homers was a laugh riot. Holy smokes, those folks are eating their own. They can't believe their fairy tale world collapsed against the Ol' Ball Coach. Naturally, I loved hearing their death rattle.

Yost said...


'Bama hadn't lost a regular season game since '07! Yet their fans are acting like the sky is falling, huh?

Talk about high class problems. Hell, I'm still not 100% confident we'll become bowl eligible this year.

bigGexpress said...

FWIW. I love this blog. It cracks me up at times like this. Sure missed it the last two years. Keep it up.

Yost said...

Thanks for the kind words and thanks for reading, bigGexpress. Sincerely appreciated.

david said...

That was hilarious! Thanks for the laughs on an otherwise terrible 2 days after losing... Heres hoping we beat Iowa!

Ulysses said...

Love the blog. Love the comedy. Go Blue!

Yost said...

Thanks for reading, U! Go Blue!