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Friday, October 22, 2010

The Duck Star

If you watched Oregon vs. UCLA last night, you saw that the Ducks are good.  Scary good.  Like this good...

Big HT to Friend of the MZone DC for the Photoshop!


BaggyPantsDevil said...

That can't be possible, everyone knows it takes at least four maybe five years for a new coach to get his program winning regularly and/or to complete a Death Star.

Chip Kelly must have indeed gone over to the Dark Side to accomplish so much in a season and a half.

Bigasshammm said...

Didn't they lose their starting QB before the season too?

Just saying.

carl tabb said...

He was the OC there for quite a number of years and was Bellotti's hand-picked successor. That, and he didn't have to introduce a whole new scheme, lose most of the returning starters and suffer mass attrition. But hey, let's not let facts get in the way.

surrounded in columbus said...

kelly didn't take over a program that had been pantsed by Oregon the year before. he took over the program that pantsed us. or has everyone else managed to erase the images of Dennis Dixon pissing all over our D in 2007 (the week AFTER the debacle) and i'm the only one that remembers???

THAT's the team Kelly inherited- a team that already successfully ran the same schemes he ran himself.

also, watching Masolli play for Ole Miss so far this year, seems to me that Darron Thomas is as prepared as the senior before him and a step up in talent. which isn't surprising since he's been in their system since 2008.

not all coaching changes are the same

Yost said...

You're preaching to the choir (at least this singer), BPD and Big.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

Don’t tell me the Second Battle of Fort Rodriguez is starting.

Here’s some facts (if one were truly inclined to consider facts):

Here is a list of the last decade’s MNC winning coaches and the year of their coaching tenure in which they achieved that feat:

2009 -Nick Saban – year 3
2008 -Urban Meyer – year 4
2007 - Les Miles – year 3
2006 - Urban Meyer – year 2
2005 - Mack Brown – year 8
2004 - Pete Carroll – year 4
2003 - Nick Saban – year 4
2003 - Pete Carroll – year 3
2002 - Jim Tressel – year 2
2001 - Larry Coker – year 1
2000 - Bob Stoops – year 2

Average time: 3.2 years. It doesn’t take forever, people. Every Michigan fan knew—or I sure did and I’m not all that smart--after three years that Charlie Weis was not a good head coach for Notre Dame. Well before the Notre Dame fans did.

None of the above coaches--prior to achieving their success—bottomed their program out with it’s worse season ever. Ever! Since 1879.

So, history and facts—sadly—are not on our side here.

As much as I would love to see Michigan obliterate conference opponents a la Oregon—and I sincerely hope that happens this season—there is almost nothing in the last three years that points to that happening any time soon and—sadly--much that points to it never happening under Rich Rodriguez.

Right now, Michigan looks like a very entertaining Conference USA team. Watching Wisconsin manhandle Ohio State really brought that home to me last week. That was what Michigan football should be, dominating and physical. And able to beat another team that can objectively be considered good.

And, yes, it hurts. And it hurts even more because I have a lot of affection for a lot of the kids on the this team--because they work hard in unpleasant circumstances--and I hate speaking negatively about them. But facts are facts and other than Denard Robinson’s spectacular showing against some cupcakes, the facts haven’t been encouraging.

Yost said...

Do I smell a return to guest posting here on the MZone for the one, the only, the man who brought you his road trip post, Baggy Pants Devil?

Always welcome, BPD.

srudoff said...

Well we all know what happened to the Death Star...

oh and May the Forcier be With You

BaggyPantsDevil said...


Life has changed a lot for me since those days; got reassigned, had a child--we watched the Capital One Bowl together when he was six days old--retired from the military, and got a job as a civilian (finally time to grow up).

Obviously, I've been thinking about the current state of the program. If I can come up with some worthy topics, I'll e-mail them to you; perhaps these turbulent times can coax some writing out of me.

Yost said...

Congrats on everything, BPD. Good to reconnect on these here interwebs.

And SiC and CT, if BPD does that (or I do as I'm very leery of direction of program right now as well), always welcome rebuttals.

In fact, that might be interesting. Rather than the trashing of opposing views I see on many M message boards, can have pro and con posts instead of a couple sentence blurbs.

surrounded in columbus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
surrounded in columbus said...

Since we're citing "facts", I think I'll wait until I have more.

In 4 weeks we might be 5-5, in which case I'll probably agree with you.

Or we might be 8-2, in which case I think you'll look a little foolish if you still wanna fire the coach.

No sense in arguing about a question that is gonna answer itself.

Yost said...

Totally agree, SiC. And I'm not advocating firing him at the present.

But I am criticizing him for several reasons. First and foremost, for the results on the field. Amazing that one of the complaints about Lloyd by those who used to want him gone was the ol' "anybody could go 8-4 with the talent he had." Then, shockingly, as soon as LC's gone and we not only start losing but lose in embarrassing ways, suddenly it's "LC left the cupboard bare."

Second, the seemingly constant stream of excuses instead of a "buck stops here" accountability that I want from my head coach.

And finally, minor or not, the off-the-field issues such as the NCAA violations.

Put them all together, and I think folks have valid reasons to be very critical.

Again, not calling for his firing now. But I might be in 5 weeks when the question does answer itself.

justthinking said...

Over 41 seasons, from 1969 to 2009, I compiled some statistics of the Top 10 All-Time Winningest College Football programs and four other strong programs who have won National Championships in the last 10 years.

Ohio State - 39
Michigan - 38
Nebraska - 38
Oklahoma - 36
Penn State - 36
Florida - 36
Florida State - 35
Tennessee - 35
Alabama - 34
Texas - 34
USC - 33
ND - 32
LSU - 30
Miami, FL - 28

Ohio State - 1
Michigan - 1
Nebraska - 1
Oklahoma - 2
Penn State - 3
LSU - 3
ND - 5
Miami, FL -5
Texas - 5
USC - 5
Florida State - 6
Alabama - 7
Tennessee - 7
Florida - 8

Ohio State - 1
Michigan - 2
Nebraska - 2
Florida - 3
Oklahoma - 3
USC - 4
Penn State - 5
Florida State - 6
Tennessee - 5
Alabama - 6
Texas - 5
ND - 7
LSU - 11
Miami, FL - 11

Florida State - 0
Miami, FL - 0
Penn State - 0
Alabama - 1
LSU - 1
Michigan - 1
Nebraska - 1
Ohio State - 1
Tennessee - 1
Florida - 2
ND - 2
Oklahoma - 2
Texas - 2
USC - 4

Florida State - 0-11, 1974
Florida - 0-10-1, 1979
Alabama - 1-12, 1993
LSU - 2-9, 1992
Miami, FL - 2-8, 1979
Michigan - 3-9, 2009
ND - 3-9, 2007
Penn State - 3-9, 2003
Oklahoma - 3-8, 1996
USC - 3-8, 1991
Ohio State - 4-6-1, 1988
Texas - 4-7, 1988
Tennessee - 4-7, 1974
Nebraska - 5-7, 2007

Penn State - 1
Michigan - 4
Ohio State - 4
Florida State - 5
Nebraska - 5
Texas - 5
Oklahoma - 6
Florida - 6
Tennessee - 7
Alabama - 8
USC - 8
ND - 8
LSU - 9
Miami, FL - 11

LSU - 7-0
Oklahoma - 6-0
Alabama - 6-1
Florida State - 6-1
Ohio State - 6-1
Nebraska - 5-1
Michigan 5-2
USC - 5-2
Miami, FL - 4-2
Texas - 4-2
Florida - 4-3
ND - 4-3
Penn State - 3-3
Tennessee - 2-4

Lets see how the next 5 weeks play out. Inbetween frustrations, I continue to see improvement on both sides of the ball, and definite improvement over 2008 & 2009.

Were we going to win the Big Ten this year? No. If we stay healthy, we can contend for it next year and be back in the NC race in 2012.

hmbfossil said...

Another area where RichRod does himself no favors is sideline behavior.

Now, I only "sees what the TV shows," and ESPN would never, ever frame their production to adavnce a storyline, (sure, right) but there is a difference between a firey, motivational coach and a surly, f-bomb screaming jerk melting down on the sidelines.

For all the potential record and program development this year, RichRod just doesn't instill alot of confidence by his demeanor. Sure, winning can cure some of that, but his act just adds to the fans and more importantly Admin's fustration.

It will be interesting to see how the team looks after a bye week.

surrounded in columbus said...

here's my point on this whole debate- i think it's pointless. all of the complaints about R2- his demeanor, how he speaks to the press, his inability to quote dead Irish poets, rawk music in the stadium, the piping on the away jerseys, and all of the "quasi-cultural" problems (to borrow from Whit(e) Goodman), are all "soft", and the sort of things nobody would talk about if this team had more wins.

take a look at every complaint made about R2, his behavior, how he carries himself, and how he coaches. now speculate w/ me what would happen if this team were to turn things around and win out- if we were to finish 10-2, w/ wins over ND, PSU, Wisconsin, & tosu, do you really think anybody would be questioning the way he conducts interviews? i don't think so.

none of these "culture" issues mean anything by themselves. if he doesn't win, they're window dressing to the complaining. and if he does win, most everyone will stop talking about them.

which to me means they're really not important. nobody's going to fire a coach w/ a winning record because of the way he talks on TV (except maybe tosu dumping Earl Bruce). and nobody is going to keep a coach w/ a losing record, no matter who he can quote in his press conferences.

so, it's not that i think all of these criticisms are necessarily wrong. i think they're misplaced.

and i think Michigan fans debating how bad the coach is, while we're still 5-2, doesn't really help matters. then again, it's what ND fans do about this point in the season for the last 18 years, so i guess we're in distinguished company?

phil said...

You think our coach is in trouble? Think how ugly it's getting in South Bend when the headlines will probably read:

-Brian Kelly Love Boat sunk by Navy Destroyer-

whetstonebuck said...


Naval destroyer shocks Dame with poke to the Kelly.

surrounded in columbus said...

nice headline- you should consider a career (that or advertising).

Mikoyan said...

I'll just have to say congrats to the Navy for another victory over Notre Dame. I just hope they can do the same to Army in a little over a month.

Go Navy!