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Friday, October 22, 2010

And I can't even take a beer in?!

A man posing as a member of the color guard snuck into Michigan Stadium before the M/MSU game earlier this month toting - wait for it - two M16 assault rifles!

Yes, you read that correctly: the crack stadium security folks - that never miss the lone plastic water bottle some 65 year old alum is trying to bring in to avoid the concession lines - waved a dude with two - TWO! - M16s right on through.

So, to put it subtly, HOW IN THE &^%$ DID THAT HAPPEN?!

Apparently the man, who is a full-time National Guardsman, pulled the ol' "I'm with the band" trick in which he simply walked in claiming to be part of the on-the-field military personnel who raise the flag, etc.  He was busted when - after making it in AND onto the field - an authorized member of the color guard recognized he wasn't part of their group and reported him to police.

When police arrested him, he said he just wanted to see the game but couldn't get a ticket so he figured (correctly) he'd use his uniform to get in.

Now, while some dude sneaking into a bar or a sold-out concert using the oldest sneak-in trick in the world is funny, a guy sporting a pair of high-caliber military weapons in the post-9/11-slash-post-Mumbai world to sneak into a stadium holding 113,000 people isn't quite as amusing.

But it gets even better.  Police defended their actions claiming they didn't do anything wrong because they didn't find any ammunition on him or in his gun so they didn't consider him a threat.

Bravo, officers.  Bravo.

Yeah, because if he really were a terrorist, he would have never dreamed to have somebody else with a ticket sneak the bullets in.

Surely U-M officials see that, right?

"There wasn't anything that we believe was done incorrectly or improperly by police in any of the checkpoints there," said Diane Brown with the university's Department of Public Safety.

Uh, yes there was...


On the plus side, they did make him leave his Thermos.

BANNED!                                       NOT SO BANNED


GoBlueBob said...

Last week my son walked into the stadium with a cigarette which he put out as soon as he had gone past the ticket guys. An AA cop pulled him aside and told him he was in violation of the no smoking policy and kicked him out. Lucky for him, one of the ticket takers saw what happened and actually gave him another ticket and told him to go to another gate to get in. I do not disagree with the no smoking policy (and wish my son did not smoke) but this was just a punk cop picking on a young guy. Maybe if he had a few guns with him he would not have had the problem.

whetstonebuck said...

Seems all the defensive units in the Big House are a bit porus.

Yost said...

LOL, Whet.

FloridaBuck said...

GoBlue...so, can we assume that your son did not know about the No Smoking Policy? Who was in the wrong here? Just wondering...

FloridaBuck said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GoBlueBob said...

FB.... He knew about it. My point was that he was kicked out for having a cigarette two feet past the ticket taker and a guy with two assault weapons could come right in. The cop overreacted and the punishment did not fit the offense. He must have been a cop in Columbus prior to this. :>}) A warning might have been a better thing to do. That is why the ticket guy gave him another ticket and told him to go in another gate.

Bigasshammm said...

So what you're saying is that the official attendance was bogus?

Yost said...

LOL, Big! Actual sound on my end.