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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Pure Michigan: U of M Football

Well done, Wolverine hater. Well done. Michigan fan or not, you have to admit this is funny.



Andy said...

Clearly this was made by a MSU fan.

I find it funny how Sparty insists on calling Michigan fans "arrogant" at the same time they celebrate the negative stereotype of walmart wolverine.

Wouldn't making fun of people because of their level of education and where they purchase their clothing be the definition of arrogance?

Crock said...

funny - except for making fun of a handicapped man.
his other "not so pure" michigan ads are pretty funny. have to be able to laugh at yourself.
but, there are lines that shouldn't be crossed.

phil said...

OK, I seem to be totally missing his point. Having a campus full of lesbians is bad how?

Fritz said...

Crock, Sparty people are all mentally handicapped themselves so everything for them is fair game.

jessica said...

actually, i saw an interview of the guy who created this video, and he said that he only spoofs the things that he loves, so dont worry guys, he's maize and blue all the way.