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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ohio Prisons Join Facebook

As you know, we love to tweak our friends in Ohio as much as possible here on the MZone.  Unfortunately, since we haven't been able to talk much smack about football in a such looooong time, we take what we can get.

Like this beautiful nugget: the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections has started its own Facebook page.

No, seriously, here it is.

According to an ODRC official, the page will be "a useful venue to put out worthwhile information to interested stakeholders."

What in the hell useful prison info is going out to what "interested stakeholders" via Facebook?  Big Tony in cellblock C needs help with Farmville? 

So far there are only two status updates and one of them is the following:

ODRC puts out prison population numbers every Monday, excluding state holidays. On Monday, September 27, 2010, our prison population was 51,154, 37 more inmates than the week prior.

Every Monday they're gonna update the prison population?  It's like the prison equiv of the AP Poll. Unfortunately one can't comment on the page or I was going to congratulate the ODRC about their increased numbers and wish them luck on doing even better next week.  Go Prison! 

According to the news story linked above, one thing that won't be on the page: execution information.

Good idea.  Figuring out how to respond to "Lethal Injection Tuesday -- ODRC invited you" could be awkward.

Also, inmates will not be able to post on the wall.  There's a relief.  I have a hard enough time deciding if I should accept the friend request of the girl I don't remember from 8th grade.  Don't want to piss off the guy doing 8 to 10.

Oh, and the ODRC official said that, while a decision hasn't been made yet, they're also considering using Twitter.

I can see it now...

@ODRC Holy shit! Riot in excr yard.  Eyes burning from tear gas. Hey, Ashton Kutcher now following me.  Cool!  #Shank #lockdown #cracking heads


whetstonebuck said...

I think the Ohio prison system calls their facilities the Holiday Inn Express "for our Michigan visitors."

phil said...

Explains why whets keeps getting "pokes" from the prison on his facebook page.

Hemlock Philosopher said...

@ORDC Check out what's brewing in Cell Block C #toilet liquor.

Yost said...

Good stuff!

whetstonebuck said...


I don't do Facebook, but I have stayed at a Holiday Inn.

As a side note, I have helped quell a prison riot and I have searched for contraband hooch in the john.

Good times, good times.

phil said...

whets idea of quelling a prison riot is:
-getting paroled before they found out he drank all the contraband hooch.

whetstonebuck said...


You read my jacket.

Hmmm, now what favor could phil have provided to obtain my jacket from prison admin.