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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Oh, Crap! Deja Vu All Over Again

I never meant to return to blogging. I was just so incensed by the seeming impending destruction of the Michigan/Ohio State game by the powers-that-be that I felt compelled to come back for a post or two just to vent. Hence the first new post here on the MZone in over two plus years at the end of last month.

That's what I missed most about blogging - the outlet. Because the daily grind is a bitch. Benny and I used to call it "feeding the monster." There's never a sense of completion. You can put up the funniest or most insightful or most profound post, something linked to all over the Internet, something that draws mega traffic to the site, and guess what? As evening rolls around, the only thought is, "Shit, what are we going to put up tomorrow?" After awhile it becomes draining. Especially when you have a "real" job you enjoy and never intend to make blogging anything more than a hobby.

Plus, to be honest, I didn't have a whole hell of a lot to say about Michigan football or college football in general in June. While I'm Maize and Blue to the core and college football is my favorite sport in the world, running a blog strictly focused on said team and sport can be constricting.

That's why I have such respect for folks like Brian at MGoBlog, Spencer-slash-Orson at EDSBS and Dave at Maize N Brew, folks who were blogging long before the MZone's short online life and have continued to do it - and do it well - to this day. These guys are blogging freaks of nature.

But I have to admit the last couple weeks of dipping my toe back in the blogging waters has been fun. I've sincerely appreciated the nice comments from folks about the MZone's semi-return. Thank you all.

Yet I'm alone in that feeling. Benny, The God of Photoshop, has told me on multiple occasions since I returned to the keyboard that he has no intention of coming back. And I respect that. You have no idea how many late nights we logged at the height of doing the MZone. Put it this way, Photoshopping 12 college coaches in their Halloween costumes takes a hell of a lot of time. So I understand.

Then there's Andy over at Spawn of MZone. When MZone signed off 2+ years ago, Andy and T9, two regular readers on the original site here, picked up the torch and kept the spirit and community of this site alive at their own most excellent blog.

Now, since coming back, Andy and I have been emailing. In our exchanges, he expressed an interest in taking his/Spawn's own break from blogging and/or doing something together. I was very noncommittal due to all the reasons for initially leaving listed above.

But then he and T9 had to go all George W. Bush on me, declare "Mission Accomplished," shut down Spawn and start sending folks our way. Damn you, Andy. DAAAAMN YOU!

As soon as I read that, all the old feelings about daily blogging - both good and bad - came rushing back. Yet here I sit at my keyboard, long past the time when the non-blogging me would be in bed, typing away. And, once again, enjoying it. For how long? I don't know.

So here's what I'm thinking: First off, I don't want to be like the HS girlfriend who keeps breaking up and then coming back. If you want to follow a Michigan and/or college football blog that will be here today, tomorrow and when cockroaches rule the earth, check out the great ones I listed above. They won't let you down or play with your blog-reading emotions. But if we can have somewhat of an open relationship, I'll see if it's still in me. Who knows, I may suck ass at it now. For you, the reader, it may be like going to see that band you loved freshman year only to see them six or seven years post-college and shake your head at your former musical tastes.

Please know I don't plan on putting up the three or four things a day like I used to do during MZone 1.0. And I may occasionally stray off-topic or miss days here and there. But the whole Facebook and Twitter angles have made it easier for both bloggers and the people who follow them. Thus, check in here when the mood strikes, or follow along on Twitter @MZoneBlog or Facebook/MZoneBlog.

So if you're cool with giving me a little space, I'm cool with you seeing other blogs. Let's see what happens, no promises on either side.


phil said...

Oh sure, writing a blog can be hard. No doubt Yost, Andy and T9 have put in untold hours supplying funny, creative, and insightful forums. Well, they are talented geniuses and I feel they owe it to the world to share their gifts. After all, if you are lucky enough to actually have a brain, don't you have a duty to share it with foolish, ignorant miscreants like me. Yost, do you think it's easy for me to make a living flipping burgers and still commit hours running through countless blogs to get my daily fix? If I spent my time in classrooms rather than running the internet gauntlet everyday I might have already earned my PhD in Genetic Engineering or discovered a cure for 7th grade bullying. BUT NO, I get up every damn morning at 10 (or 11am) and turn on my Radio Shack TRS-80 Color computer and visit my favorite Michigan blogs. Do you think it's easy to post a comment almost everyday on your blogs? Sure, my comments rate right up there with Tommy, the 2nd grade teachers pet, but I try hard. So quite your damn whining about writing a fantastic college football blog and have a little sympathy for readers, like me, the common man who lives a dull, unproductive and unfilling life in mom's basement. Oh forget it. IT'S TIME LIKE THIS WHEN I SAY, "DAMN YOU AL GORE FOR INVENTING THIS EVIL MONSTER!!!"
(p.s. GO BLUE!!!)

TitleIX said...

Like any good woman, I will continue to live off the hard work and extraordinary efforts of my man....

Andy hath forsaken me.
(not really, it just makes for good comedy)
Yost is my new Huckleberry.

(sorry whettie)

Walt said...

Man I'm gonna miss Spawn. T9 and Andy get a lot of props for keeping the MZone community together. Don't get me wrong I love that MZone is back but its kinda bittersweet to see Spawn go. Hopefully both Andy and T9 will be able to contribute to the new and improved Mzone. Once again though nothing but props to T9 and Andy. You guys really got us through probably the roughest patch in Michigan football history.

Reap It said...

Crap just when we get excited to see ya back, now there are conditions. It is almost like you gave us a mixtape,now you want it back. Damn, Mister Mister was sounding so good.
Write this as you want we will be back every day to see if it was a good day and you graced us with your writing.

616goblue said...

When I saw T9 and Andy at GoBlueBob's tailgate before the UConn game they said they wanted to still post here on mzone.net, is that going to be the case?

Need to keep wallpaper Wednesday and Know Your Foe in rotation!

Travis said...

My thoughts exactly, 616goblue. Hopefully the contributions from Spawn can continue here. I love the Know Your Foe posts!

Catie said...

Know your foe started here, T9 and Andy just kept them going!! I do hope that they will contribute here too! Thanks Yost for giving it another shot, we always loved you!

whetstonebuck said...


You classless b****. You didn't even give me a chance to use "It's not you; it's me."

I was your huckleberry and now...just rancid produce out behind the local Safeway.

Curse you, Yost! Curse you, you woman stealing parasite.

Your Bud,


Yost said...

No worries as I too sincerely hope T9 and Andy continue on here as well!

TitleIX said...

Oh Whettie. Your words make me swoon. My momma don't let me git with no Ohio boys though....

Anyone else been watching the early games? Hope the Wisco kid is ok.

whetstonebuck said...

Good news, 9. I'm a citizen of the Republic of Texas.

Tell momma it's cool.