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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

MZone removes funny during Cowherd visit to A2 as precaution

Are we supposed to believe it's merely a coincidence?

The MZone returns to the blogoshere after a 2+ year hiatus and suddenly Colin Cowherd just happens to be coming to A2 to do a live show from the U-M campus?

Nice try, Cowherd.  But we're not falling for that one. 

Thus, the MZone has decided to remove the funny from the site today and put it under lock and key during Cowherd's visit.  We just want to protect our funny from being accidentally borrowed again.

Hey, it's nothing personal.  It's just a precaution.

ED. NOTE:  If you're new to the MZone 2.0 and wonder what we're talking about, click on the "Colin Cowherd" label at end of this post and check out what happened during MZone 1.0.  Start at the bottom and scroll up.  Yep -- that.

So no funny today.  Sure, we were going to put up this hilarious Photoshopped pic by Andy with Jim Tressel, a donkey and Maurice Clarett from a Labor Day party at Urban Meyer's house...

...But we didn't want to risk it.  Oh, and we had this awesome bit of an imaginary conversation between U-M's defensive coordinator Greg Robinson and the ghost of Bo Schembechler.  In it, Schembechler was telling Robinson how his defenses the last two years reminded him of a pillow fight at an all girls nursery school for the blind...

...But we took that down, too.

In the meantime, the MZone funny is being protected at our headquarters here in Ann Arbor by armed guards.  Unfortunately, as lowly bloggers, we obviously don't have jobs and live in the basement of our parents' house (busted).  So we can't afford a top notch security detail and thus had to go with the folks pictured below (who, for some reason, are so un-top notch, they can't even afford to be in color!).

But never fear, loyal MZone reader, the funny will return to the site when we know it's completely safe from any douchebaggery.


The MZone Staff

"Go ahead, Cowherd -- Make our day!"

UPDATE:  MVictors has a clip up today on his site from January 2009 in which Cowherd blames the MZone for him not being able to respond to viewer emails.  Oh, that's rich, Schrutebag.  By that reasoning I guess it's The Big Lead's fault you can't launch DNS attacks anymore, huh?


phil said...

Isn't it odd you never see Colin Cowherd and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the same room together? Could it be?

Mikoyan said...

Sadly for you that was pretty funny....he might steal it.

Andy said...

For the record, my Mom has placed a November 27th deadline for me to move out of the basement.

Mikoyan said...

Looks look we have a new enemy when the T-shirt rescue starts up again...

Scotti2hotti96 said...

On my blog I started a comic about an ugly little weasel that talked about sports and then Colin Cowherd stole that idea and began his career as a radio sports bitch

BaggyPantsDevil said...

Ahhh, the glory days of blogging.

We few, we happy few...

Awesome work, as always. Welcome back.

Yost said...

Baggy?! You magnificent bastard! How have you been?

Yost said...

Hey, Mikoyan, email me at the mzone gmail address. Question for you. I can't seem to find your email.