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Friday, September 10, 2010

The Mike Gundy of Politics

Remember when Okie State coach Mike Gundy lost his shit over a newspaper article several years ago? Well, below is the political equivalent.

To set the stage, Minerva, Ohio Councilman Phil Davison was trying to convince the Stark County Republican Executive Committee to endorse him for county treasurer. And let's just say he went a little over the top. OK, scratch that -- this guy went batshit crazy! My HS football coach didn't give halftime speeches this amped up. Holy crap! Decaf, Phil. Decaf.

Now, this may come as a shock after watching the clip above, but Mr. Davison did not get their endorsement. Go figure.

No word yet when he's going to join Gundy's staff.


Tom said...

Where exactly did he get his Masters in Communication?

nathanp2112 said...

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free...but most of all......


Andy said...

This made it on Leno tonight.

Very funny.

Mikoyan said...

On a toot my horn mode, thanks to the post from Andy on Spawn and the subsequent linking from mgoblog, my little corner of the internet has reached 10,000 visitors. I'm stoked.

Mikoyan said...

Oh my god...He sounds like david putty....

I half expect him to say, "You don't mess with the Devils...."

Yost said...

What corner of the Internet, Mikoyan? Share with the group!

Mikoyan said...

Here goes:

Yost said...

Nice stuff, M. Remind me next week with an email and I'll put something up to hopefully continue to drive some traffic your way.

Mikoyan said...

Roger that.

I'm going to the UMAss game...so hopefully I'll get another awesome shot of Denard.