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Saturday, September 25, 2010

In-Depth Recap and Analysis of Michigan/Bowling Green Game

He's okay.

U-M fans wait for word on Denard Robinson


Bigasshammm said...

Perhaps a healing pic for Denards knee? Also don't forget ff power rankings. Big HT to Andy for the big ten network app knowledge. Listened to my first M game broadcast on the radio. Took a little work with the pause button to synch it with tv but a good 7.99$ purchase. I hope that's not per game cause the wording was a little odd.

srudoff said...

Congrats on the win - and happy anniversary to you guys - 2500 days since you last beat OSU today. Amazing that there are 1st graders out there on each side that have never celebrated a Michigan victory or suffered an Ohio State defeat.

Andrew said...

way to ruin my sunday sru....
TP actual had "Denard"kind of game
GO BLUE....UofM has such a fun offense....

phil said...

Expanding on sru's comment, I should point out that a tUOS 1st grader would be eligible for an Ohio State University diploma while the Michigan 1st grader would actually have to successfully complete 4 years at the University of Michigan to get a college diploma.

surrounded in columbus said...

actually, their fascination w/ the "count down" is sadly entertaining. it truly demonstrates just how insecure they really are.

no matter how much they win, they pathetically seek approval & affirmation from others (even negative feedback). they simply lack the confidence to be satisfied w/ their own opinion.

of course, trolling here, on a post about the BG game, and bringing up Michigan's record against tosu is pretty sad in and of itself, so i guess i shouldn't be surprised.

carl tabb said...

I'm pretty confident that it will take more than the required 5000+ days for uos to pull even in the series with UM.