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Saturday, September 11, 2010

In-Depth Michigan vs. Notre Dame Recap


In case you missed the highlights...

...The End.


TitleIX said...

That about sums it up. What a great win.

Yost said...

Unreal, T9. Simply unreal.

TitleIX said...

You sir are our good luck charm! Your return is the harbinger of much goodness in blogville!

kristy said...

That was amazing and so fun to watch. Bit of a nail biter at the end...anyone else see the TD that shouldn't have counted?! Could NBC be a bit more biased for ND?! Great to put another W in the books! Tate looked a bit more chipper too!! GO WOLVERINES!!!!!

Yost said...

So true, Kristy. Watching NBC as a non-ND fan is vomit inducing.

And I hope you're right, T9! But last year started well so I'm trying to temper my Maize N Blue enthusiasm.

Dave said...

all i heard the entire game "ND is so awesome. ND has great quarterbacks. look at the rainbow that just came out with the sun on ND's last drive. You can bet things would be different if Christ was in the whole game. blah blah blah."

in all honesty, montana's scrambling and breaking tackles is what hurt us for a while.. that aside, there were only a couple good plays from christ. if we can learn how to tackle, we would have had about 10 plays for losses.

in conclusion, announcers... UGH!

GustaveFerbert said...


Mikoyan said...

I listened to Brando and Mark Champion because I went up North today. Good game.