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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How Ohio State Fans Celebrate After a Big Victory

Hey, Buckeye Nation, you've just defeated the #12 team in the country in a game with BCS title implications.  Show college football fans across America how you celebrate!


Rumor has it that if Tosu beats Wisconsin next month in Madison, these Buck fans are going to get really crazy and break out some old Hootie and the Blowfish tunes.

Rock it, Columbus!


616goblue said...


defensewinsgames said...

Infectous...or infected. These things scare me. Make it stop.

Ken said...

Never will those girls have such a high amount of men vying for their attention. That is quality hook up material on both sides of the gender line.

phil said...

Not everybody is a perfect singer in this world, I mean, everyone does … kills songs, murders chords, goes off key from you, off key from me. I just feel people need to give them a chance. I always looked up to Neal Young and I always will because I still think he’s one of the best singers to me and I just love Neal Young.

plooder said...

Just think...they will get to celebrate like that 11 more times this season. Celebrating allows for the innovation and evolution of celebration techniques; where as there is only one way to pout.

Mikoyan said...

And here I thought we would be treated to scenes of raving Buckeye fans torching the Horseshoe. but no...Instead we get this....What song is that anyway? And Number 7 is gonna get some.

And the word verification:

Even the word verification is on to something.

srudoff said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
srudoff said...

We all have our crazy (and I'm guessing drunk) ways to celebrate

Andy said...

Is it me, or is the return of the MZone going to drive Sru to brink of insanity?

Michigan has something to celebrate... quick I need to make a smart ass remark.....Oh no..... Yost posted something funny about Ohio State fans... I need to quickly find a YouTube response.... I can't keep up...

Bigasshammm said...

I smell date rape.

srudoff said...


I'm happy for you guys - you get to celebrate for 4 or 5 games once again this season until reality sets in - get to tout a young QB for the heisman another year too. Heck you might even get to a Blue Bonnet type bowl game this year.

Next year we'll lather, rinse and repeat with Devin Gardner.

In the meantime, you guys can keep sending in "OMG YOST YOU HAVE TO POST THIS" emails to this site with videos about us or Michigan State and Yost will continue to do a bang up job making it funny. And I'll be here to call you an ignorant slut in classic point/counterpoint style.

The best part about this site coming back is that Yost isn't thin skinned like you, threatening to delete posts when they don't tout the company line. He doesn't have any delusions that he's a forum mod for Stadium and Main.


Andy said...

You are right Sru... I am nothing but a thin skinned/company line/ignorant slut type guy. And you are nothing but the absolute voice of reason in a world of maize and blue pandemonium.

Don't worry your long standing position as the official MZone troll is safe.

srudoff said...

that's all i ask

TitleIX said...

Buckstreet Boys (and girls)?????

Jack Cardinal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.