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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Double Rainbows Have Nothing on Denard

The video below speaks (and weeps) for itself.

(HT: Benny!)


MMB_78 said...

Freaking awesome!

phil said...

Denard is amazing but I have a feeling that when you are on a combination of LSD, crack, and meth (like rainbow guy) you would have gotten the same response even if he was watching Tressel put on a sweatervest.

616goblue said...

Does this mean that Benny is back from his rum-induced haze in the Bahamas???

A2saint said...


Bigasshammm said...

See to me I liked what the Spawn was doing better than this. Sure we didn't have many posts but they were more selective. Some of these videos aren't funny at all and make us seem like an immature fanbase.

Andy said...

Wow Hammm.

As the guy that posted at least half of what the Spawn had, I respectfully don't agree.

I would have posted this video just because it is so ridiculous.

The best thing about the MZone is the fact Yost makes fun of Michigan when it is needed. This is supposed to be fun.

Papa Steve said...

this ^^^^^^^^

sense of humor man, this is supposed to be fun....

spawn was great, but now you have the best of both worlds

srudoff said...

I think Bigasshammm is wondering when they are going to lift the ban on funny now that Cowherd left AA.

Mikoyan said...

This morning as I was getting up, they interviewed Denard on ESPN Sportscenter

whetstonebuck said...

Well, this confirms all my suspicions about Michigan fans.

Just kidding.

Congrats on self-deprecating humor. Manly stuff.

616goblue said...

All this coming from BAH who started a feud on my facebook over the weekend when he got BOTH little brother and $weaterve$t fans fired up over us "arrogant asses" because he lost them at "have more class in my middle finger..."

BAH you are forgiven on my facebook and in the Mzone as well...

If you use humor to make a point, get used to different senses of humor.

Go Blue!

Bigasshammm said...

Which is fine and I'm entitled to mine here. 616 your MSU fans have no idea what it's like living in oohi.

wv:: talgall

my favorite kind

Bigasshammm said...

I guess I just don't see the humor since this video is all the rage on the internets.
I'm weird like that.

phil said...

Bigass - If I were a relatively new father, such as yourself, and I saw the national debt that my offspring would be burdened to pay back over their lifetime, I wouldn't find humor in anything.

(ps - how's the new addition doing?)

plooder said...

The video is great. Thank you for turning me on to it. My Buckeye Fan facebook friends have gone to town with the comments since I posted on my page.

Bigasshammm said...

The newest little bundle is doing fine. She's just as advanced as our last one. Apparently my wife and I make smart girls so I guess we'll see where that goes. They should be able to get into UM eventually, although we won't be able to afford it lol.