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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Denard - Strike the Pose II

It is with great pleasure I make my first post on the fabled canvas of The Original MZone with a special wallpaper honoring Denard Robinson's historic performance yesterday at Notre Dame. There isn't anything I can say that has not already been said. He was incredible. He was amazing. He was... Denard. I had to watch the game from start to finish this morning just to make sure I was not dreaming. The spotlight was bright last year after Tate's performance in the ND game, it is going to get even brighter now for Denard. I don't care about the Heisman, I don't care about being ranked, I only care about getting at least four more wins and playing in a bowl game.


Weston said...

I agree- everyone is talking about Heismans, 9-win seasons, and all the rest, but I just want to get bowl eligible. I love the way this team is playing but I can't drink the Kool Aid until I see this team win a game that last year's team didn't win (though UConn might count, but I more mean get to 6-0 and beat MSU).

Let's get Denarded...

Bigasshammm said...

What happened to the real picture?
I wanted to save it and now it's gone?

Andrew said...

one hundred percent agreement
1 game @ a time

surrounded in columbus said...

so Yost is back, Andy (& presumably T9) is colluding/collaborating on the ole' MZone site, and Michigan is 2-0 & looking like a good team?

all is right w/ the world it would seem...

TitleIX said...

Waiting for the boys to show me the secret handshake to the clubhouse. Until then I will fill the comment bin with 'wisdom' and 'wit'.....
I think there may be some hazing ritual that they are devising....

For those wondering, here's this weekend's Transfer Tracker.

Steven Threet: #14 for the Sun Devils had a stellar Week 2 against Northern Arizona. He pitched 33/49 for 391 (!) yards. For you math whizzes, that's a 67.3% completion rate. 3 TDs, 2 INTs and on 62 yard bomb. Rushing? Yeah, well. They won 41-20 even though Steven only hoofed it twice for minus 9 yards. I hope he keeps ripping it up out there. Well done sir.

Justin Boren: he's still tUOS' starting left guard. But they mainly run right... tUOS beat Miami. Next up for them, might Ohio.

Ryan Mallett: #15 took dem Razerbacks on da road and beat up on Louisiana-Monroe 31-7. An ok showing for Ryan--65% completion rate (28/43) for 400 yards. 3 TDs and an INT. Longest pass 47 yards, and no surprise..took 6 attempts to get 1 yard. Next week is another HUGE test for Ryan....at Georgia. Ouch. Then he's got Alabama at home to follow. I hope they don't kill him.

and finally..
Sam McGuffie: Rice got it's first win against North Texas this week. The defenses in Texas are still keeping Sam humble though...this week, despite 14 attempts he gained 18 yards. (recall he got 47 against Texas). He did have 4 receptions for 91 yards though, including one for 51. Don't know if those were YACs or a true bomb. I'm wondering if he is Rice's one-hit-wonder and everyone just keys on him?

TitleIX said...

scroll down, it's still there.
or go over to detnews.com it's the second photo in their game gallery.

Fritz said...

I would take a Lloyd Carr 4 loss season as long as they beat Sparty and the Buckeyes I'm sick of hearing every Ohio State fan talk like their God's gift to football and no one can come close to them.

On a side note great to see the MZone back up and running. Good Luck Andy and T9!

Bigasshammm said...

For whatever reason the original picture was gone when I was on my computer last night to save it. Weird.
If Denard were to win the Heisman I could see that being one of the most famous Michigan pictures of all time. It's almost an exact replica of the Heisman pose.

Andy said...


You should listen to Sparty fans.... He is NOT going to win the Heisman.

1) He is too small.
2) Greg Jones is going to break him in half.
3) Notre Dame would have crushed us if Crist had been in the game the whole time.

Bigasshammm said...

I said "were to win." He could have 8 more games like that this season but if TUOS goes to the NC game then Pryor will win because of media dick sucking.
"The Game" could very well decide the He16man this season. But that's a long way off.

GoBlueBob said...

Nice photo but way to early to be talking anything but 2-0 at this time. I am being very quite about all of the hype because I am still shell shocked from last year after the 4-0 start. We do not have any idea yet how UConn and ND stack up this year and we have a brutal schedule in the last half of the year. I am cautiously optomistic.

Andy.. It is great to see your post on the original MZone. With you, Yost and T9 (when you let her into the club) posting we will have a great mix of humor, satire, photoshop genius and increased knowledge for most MZone / Spawn readers and followers.

GoBlueBob said...

I did not quite pass spelling in school since I was such a quiet student. And I also never transpose any lettres when I type.

Mikoyan said...

I'm not ready to get excited until they are 6-0 after Sparty. I really wish the AP and Coaches wouldn't have ranked them.

srudoff said...

hey he's actually holding it in the right hand too!!!

TitleIX said...

Good to see that sru has tunneled over to the MZ2.0

surrounded in columbus said...

i TOLD you not to leave a forwarding address.

Andy said...

I am glad he figured us out, it would not be the same without Sru bringing down the average IQ score of this place.

srudoff said...

oh Andy, so clever

merely pointing out that at least SOMEBODY in maize and blue knows which hand to hold the ball in when striking a heisman pose.

of course it's not the player that was TRYING to strike a heisman pose.