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Friday, September 24, 2010

Beer Bong Fridays Returns With...The Leafblower Bong?

An old favorite returns to MZone 2.0 with this, uh, interesting beer bong attempt...


phil said...

When you invite your buddies over and you have to get the fun started with a leaf blower, you, my friend, have serious issues.

Yost said...

LOL! Yeah, never a good sign, Phil.

TitleIX said...

Ok, so I actually think this is hysterical.

whetstonebuck said...

Three observations:

#1 - The leaf blower sounds like a gas driven blower.

#2 - The BBQ grill is a propane model.

#3 - Both machines are used inside the dwelling.

One Conclusion:

What remains of these boys and the charred remains of the house will probably be in a safety PSA or a Fire Academy training film some day.

Of course, Coors might want to use it for a "Drink Responsibly" campaign.

wv = croloot. In other words, what's left of these guys will be "for the birds."

Yost said...

Funny stuff, WSB.

616goblue said...


One of the BEST beer bong fridays EVER!

Reminds me of when my niece who is a recent graduate of GVSU was a freshman and her friends in the dorm wanted to have an "end of the school year party at Meghan's Uncle's house" and the kids played beer pong with Coronas (on a positive note there was a safe/sober driver for the kids going back to Allendale, but I digress)

The most disheartening part of the video is that nearly $1000 BBQ grill in the background which is not in a place that it is used to its full potential...


justthinking said...

616, you should know this:

The grill is in the heated garage (along with them) because there is probably three feet of snow on the back deck when they shot this.

And in the dead of winter, you are less likely to see naked women dancing on your veranda at your most recent beer party. But, if you look above said grill, you will notice a handful of naked women displaying their wares for these three partygoers.

It's a matter of perspective.