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Friday, September 17, 2010

BAH's Spawn Fantasy Football League: Week 1

Well, we packed up the trophy and brought the Spawn Fantasy Football with us. BigAssHammm will continue to act as the league's Commish and provide his awesome updates. THANKS BAH!!!

Lots of big games, unexpected wins, and huge losses to injury in the NFL this week. Some decent excitement in the FF with a couple close games and then some major blowouts.

Week 2's Power Rankings

:: Going further Power rankings will be based on last week's rankings and I won't be actually studying players and rosters. Just looking at previous weeks rankings combined with the week's matchups.

1: Zoltan's Heroes - <---> - No surprise here as they put up the highest point total by a bunch.
2: Bigassham - +1 - Had a good game against the Defenstrators.

3: Homo4Romo - +1 - Took down Huge Fake TDs and knocked them down a few pegs.

4: Slim Shady's - +4 - 2nd highest point total of the week and also tied for most spots gained this week.

5: Huge Fake TDs - -3 - Dropped a few spots after a beating by Homo.

6: Defenestrators - <---> - Played a good game but just didn't come up with enough points to win.

7: 9 Finger Freaks - -2 - Won the closest game of the week but neither team put up enough points to win in any of the games so they get dinged.

8: Dr. B - +1 - Also involved in the aforementioned pillow fight but had more to gain.

9: He Hate Me - -2 - Lost a good game to the Fightin' Tigers who were several spots lower on last week's board.
10: TrueBlueMen - +4 - Made some solid roster changes but came up against the Slim Shady juggernaught.

11: Fightin' Tigers - +2 - One of 2 teams to beat a team ranked higher than them last week.

12: Smooth Operators - -1 - Won, but a win against Baby Seal U isn't much to speak of.

13: Surfing Kook - -3 - Feel bad for them as they

were up against a losing battle to begin with but still never showed up.

14: C-Town Playas - -2 - Baby Seal U.


Bigasshammm said...

Gosh darnit now I've made it.

Andy said...

My team never recovered after Calvin Johnson and Lions got screwed out of a TD that cost them the Bears game.

Mikoyan said...

Eli through three touchdowns but he decided that symetry was nice, so he throw three picks.