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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

And you thought only N. Koreans were subjected to brainwashing...

Debunking the myth that Asian children get a better education than those here in the U.S., check out the clip below of an apparent Tosu fan-slash-exchange teacher ruining the young minds of these S. Korean 1st graders.

I'm just glad this didn't happen out in the open near the DMZ or shots might have been fired.  Isn't this a clear violation of international law?  Even Dear Leader doesn't subject his people to this!

Next semester, the kids are going to learn how to say "Fuck Michigan!" and light a dumpster on fire.


phil said...

Years later, Larry, with the "Mikihouse" shirt on, unexplainably grows up to be a truck driver with a buckstache.

carl tabb said...

Is it 2nd grade where they teach them to poo in coolers and pee in stairwells of public structures?

Andy said...

Giving new meaning to the term "RED MENACE"

plooder said...

Buckeyes bringing the world together...and all you guys can do hold your noses in disdain...would you have preferred a class of Korean first graders shaking their keys?

phil said...

plooder - it's obvious rather than allowing these kids to drink from the fountain of knowledge, this teacher is just letting them gargle.

whetstonebuck said...

They're learning to spell--in English! They're friendlies. Go Bucks!

If this were a bunch of foreign kids singing "The Victors," they would be singing with an elitist sneer, keeping rhythm with key rings (HT to plooder) and residing in Dearborn.

Giving new meaning to the term "CRESCENT MENACE."