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Friday, September 17, 2010

AMERICAN IDOL Fever Running Rampant in Columbus

Remember when Tosu fans showed their school pride by lighting something on fire or assaulting a Michigan fan?

Boy, have times changed.

Lately I've been running across way too many Buck fans who fancy themselves singers and/or rappers.  And it ain't pretty.  Way back during MZone 1.0, we introduced you to the Sleep(inducing)y Rappers.  Just this week we brought you the Buckstreet Boys celebrating Tosu's victory over Miami.  Now comes the video below which I saw on Busted Coverage.

Let me speak for everyone involved when I say, "O-H...N-O!"


phil said...

I think Tupac Shakur would agree, there's never a good drive-by shooting when you need one.

plooder said...

I like the dude with the one eye black, doing a sticky pants dance...Go Bucks

Andy said...


Mikoyan said...

Looks like my action figures have new targets...