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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Nothing is over until we decide it is!"

Ladies and gentlemen, it has been less than 24 hours since I, your humble blogger, have returned to the front lines as a grave and growing menace threatens The Game. In these dark and desperate days, now and forever more to be known as These Dark and Desperate Days, or The Evils, or Jim Delany Can Suck My Big Hairy Nut Sack, some have said that our noble cause is already lost. That the decision has been made and it's only the timing of the announcement that is still left to be decided.

But in the immortal words of John Blutarsky:

So while the odds may be against us, neither Bo nor Woody would quit so, screw it, I'm all in, too. Not as long as there is still a chance. A quick check of them there Intertubes reveals several things you can do before the clock strikes midnight and all we can do is bitch on blogs and message boards:

Write to the both Michigan and Ohio State's athletic directors and presidents. Those emails are:

Dave Brandon (U-M AD): DABran@umich.edu
Gene Smith (OSU AD): Smith.5407@osu.edu
Mary Sue Coleman (U-M President): PresOff@umich.edu
Gordon Gee (OSU President): Gordon.Gee@osu.edu

Write to the Big 10:

Lord Vader Jim Delany (Big 10 Commissioner): JDelany@bigten.org

But when you do, be respectful. Leave the childish "Go fuck a squirrel, Delany!" rants to even more childish bloggers on the website he'll never see. Emailing that to him, or saying it to his assistant, won't help the cause (no, don't say that to Gee or Coleman either, even if you do change "squirrel" to "garden weasel").

If you're in Ann Arbor or Columbus this week for the games, be loud and be proud. Several Facebook pages (here and here) are promoting fan protests/chants at Michigan and Ohio State's home openers. Make some noise! (But if I see one person use their &^%$ keys to do it...)

Call into your local radio shows. Keep the pressure on Brandon, Smith, Delany, etc.

Be creative! Is there something you can think of to draw attention to this fight before it's too late? Let's hear it.

Most of all, spread the word. Get as many U-M and Ohio State fans involved as you can.

Okay, Buckeyes, you take Utah; Wolverines, take Omaha. I'll see you on the beach!


GoBlueBob said...

We must implore Boda to teach us all to use the force against Lord Vadar.

Andy said...

So Yost.... I understand and can't argue with the "it needs to be the last game of the season" passion.

Let me ask you this:

Which of the following would you choose?

A) Michigan and Ohio State in the same division


B) Michigan and Ohio State in the different divisions