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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

EVERYBODY is against moving Michigan and Ohio State

And I mean everybody...

Yeah, yeah, I know -- "Uh, Yost, these vid mash-ups were overdone when you stopped blogging 2+ years ago." True. But these things are now almost the comedy equivalent of that Hey Ya! song: When it first came out, you liked it. Then you hoped it was on when you turned on the radio. Then after hearing it 6,000 times a day for two straight weeks, it was, "Not the goddamn Hey Ya! song again! SON OF A BITCH!" which segued into, "I'm going to shoot myself in the colon if that *&^% song comes on again!"

But now when you hear it? It's like, "Oh, wow, the Hey Ya! song, I used to really like that."

PS No, I have no idea how one shoots himself in the colon either.


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