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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Quick Updates from the Sidelines

* Big Ten, Comcast reach deal.

* Ball boys saved Michigan's '97 National Title run.

* Indiana's football field ruined in flood.


OSURulz said...

The story about the signal stealing is very interesting. Another one of those "small world" stories.

I don't know how much credit they can give this Hansburg guy though. Michigan fans in general are pretty darn good at picking up "tells" about what play Michigan is going to run next. Someone pointed out that in the 2006 Rose Bowl, every time Manningham came off the field, the next play was a run. Someone else pointed out that in the Appy State game every time the fullback went into motion, they would run to that side. Apparently Hansburg could tell run or pass by where the center placed his non-snapping hand. I guess this stuff isn't rocket science if you're looking for it.

Mikoyan said...

I'm shocked...shocked that someone could figure out Michigan's complex offense.

srudoff said...

maybe if they had 4 ball boys instead of 2, you would have won a full championship instead of 1/2...

simple math right?

Dezzi said...

I thought Michigan used the ball boy in a game and he got crushed??

I think I'll join Yost and take a vacation... Barcelona next week... for 3 days. If anyone is there, look me up... I'll be drinking and relaxing on the beach!!

Vadatripp said...

"maybe if they had balls, UOS would have won a championship instead of having it handed to them by referees..."


whetstonebuck said...

The story about the hand placement by the center is just crazy. That should have been drummed out of him in high school.

Scarier still is the fact that the coaches never picked up on it. Someone wasn't paying attention to fundamentals.

I'll bet there was a bunch of yelling at the next coach's meeting.

WingRG said...

Well it's good for us Vada isn't writing the record books!

you want to see who won -- look at the scoreboard.

Catie said...

That is such a shame about Indiana's field. Amazing how much $$ it is going to take to repair it. I wish them well!