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Monday, June 02, 2008

Please Stand By

Busy last couple of days. Going to try to get things back up and running here shortly.


whetstonebuck said...

As mentioned on another thread the University of Arizona doesn't have much to brag about these days regarding football & basketball (cue melancholy music).

However, our baseball team owns Ann Arbor!!!

Andy said...

Good luck in Miami next week. You will need it.

Vadatripp said...

I didn't know that people could claim secondary schools for bragging rights but, hey, whatever gets you through the day. By the way, my other favorite team is the SEC.

And while I noticed that Arizona did have a hand in helping to eliminate the baseball team, I couldn't find any mention of Arizona beating U-M in the softball tourney (just Va Tech).

I did notice that the softball team blanked Arizona 2-0 in their only meeting in March. Hmmmm. Weird.

whetstonebuck said...


Thanks. Our women's softball team didn't fare as well, but their head coach is coaching the Olympic Team at the moment. So it goes.

whetstonebuck said...

Lord Vada,

I can claim the UofA. I actually have class credits from there.

See my other comment regarding the Women's fate.

I have plenty of things that get me through the day. Just trying to get some conversation up and running. It has been quite here for a day or two.

whetstonebuck said...

Let me fix that:

It has been "quite quiet" here...

Corey said...

Let me help ...


ssandman said...

I don't know where to find the link to e-mail Yost, so I was hoping someone will do it for me. Now I never fully understood net-nuetrality until I saw this. All I can say is Holy-Shit!!I hope someone can forward this to Yost. Thanks.


surrounded in columbus said...

take the month off. nothing happens in June anyway (famous last words?).

give yourself a vacation and come for two a days refreshed, ready to go.

not that we wouldn't miss you, but we're all gonna need you this season!

besides, if you post a fresh "talk amongst yourselves" every week, we'll find something to argue about on our own anyway ;)

Corey said...

Yeah like the NHL refs prolonging this series. Not only do the Red Wings have to play the Penguins, but also the damn Zebras!

Furthermore, I am so sick of the NHL holding Sidney Crosby up on some pedestal like he is Wayne Gretzky already. I understand the need to market, but for Christ sake!

I do have to give Fluery some credit he had some pretty good stops to keep the pens in it.

Out of Conference said...

Sorry to see that Michigan's baseball team didn't advance, but doing so would have meant a fellow SEC team, UK was eliminated (which they were) as well as my dark horse for CWS, Arizona.

I heard you guys had the band at the baseball games, and a few folks said that they played everyone's fight song after that particular team scored a run. While somoe purists could argue about a baseball game being no place for a band, I thought that kind of neat, a good "welcome to our new renovated field", and a welcome to the Midwest.

Now I'm lamenting the loss of the Gamecocks in the Raleigh regional for 2 reasons. For one, I've witnessed the last game of the best infield we've ever put together in potential first round drafts picks, Smoak, Havens, Darnell, and Disher, and two, I really thought the Cocks were putting together a run for Omaha... oh well. Looking forward to football now.

whetstonebuck said...

Bear down, Arizona...

*Only on the M Zone.*

gh said...


speaking as a pens fan in MI, you should know that each time the pens lose my pals/family laments the refs. And it appears that each time the wings lose, it is not beneath them to whine about the officiating.

Its a time honored tradition, I know. But it also reveals a lack of maturity (or at least shows a sign of the times that one doesn't have to look inward when they are defeated but should instead look to place blame and contend that they didn't lose, but were cheated. Don't beleive me, go to any little league game and see what the losing team's parents say to their kids after the game.)

If the wings were a championship team, they wouldn't have let in a goal with 34 ticks left. period.

Crab about the refs all you want, but it still doesn't change the outcome (also a quick look at the box score reveals that the PIM were even right until the last one. draw blood = 4 mins.

good luck the rest of the way. I should also point out I don't believe that Sid should be compared to 99. It took Wayne 4 years to take his team to the finals. Sid did it in 3.

Tom C said...

I wonder if lord sid can heal my eye? I miss Probert.
Wonder how Joe and his are doing?
Krop a line dude.

Tom C said...

Krop = drop

Corey said...


Yes, the wings blew their chance at this game in the 1st period and in the last minute of the game.

What I was referring to about the Refs, was the lack of no calls on the pens and the 2 goalie interference calls in the OT periods that were complete and utter BS. Hudler in his attempt to forecheck was also interfered with the Ref and cause his balance to be off a bit, which lead to the high stick and 4 minute penalty. The 5 on 3 in the last minutes of the Game 4 in the igloo.

I am also referring back to other games where goals were waived off for BS goalie interfernce both in this series and the Dallas series.

Also, just listen to the commentator that have said repeatedly that there is an inconsistency in the calls being made on the ice.

We Wings fans are looking to blame someone other than our team ... take a step back from the penguin suit you are wearing and look at the NHL as a business. Gary Betman is salavating every time Sid the Kid (give me a break NBC) gets face time. The NHL needs a strong Stanley Cup playoffs in order to get some ratings up, new TV contracts, and hockey back in the spotlight after his terrible handling of the lockout and his piss poor marketing abilities.

gh said...

I'd like for you to consider the following. These are the poweplay opportunities from each game (source:yahoo):

Game 1 pit 5, det 6
Game 2 pit 3, det 8
Game 3 pit 3, det 5
Game 4 pit 6, det 3
Game 5 pit 5, det 5

When you consider both teams are converting PP goals at about the same rate, it highlights that the penalties aren't making the outcomes different, but providing fodder for the bloggers/posters to debate.

I don't like ticky-tacky or poorly assigned calls anymore than you do. But the refs are human and humans make mistakes. It is part of the game. I assure you that you'd fail miserably if you were in their skates.

To stand up and scream that the refs are completely jobbing you and that there is a total conspiracy against the wings is bunk. (FYI - just because NBC says there is a slant doesn't make it so. In fact, NBC saying that is all the proof I need to the contrary. And if you don't like superstars getting hyped, you'd better stop watching sports. Its the same with Lebron, Tiger Woods, etc.)

If people lamented cancer the same way they lament sports officiating/announcing, it would have been cured a long time ago.

Peace be with you.

Joshua said...

...besides, if you post a fresh "talk amongst yourselves" every week, we'll find something to argue about on our own anyway ;)

I don't think we will.

Out of Conference said...

...besides, if you post a fresh "talk amongst yourselves" every week, we'll find something to argue about on our own anyway ;)

"I don't think we will."

Josh, that's bullshit and you know it.

Catie said...

I can see that there is no lack of controversy here!

How much longer till football season?

Joshua said...

Josh, that's bullshit and you know it.

Is not.

TitleIX said...

so is anyone going to watch the NBA Finals???
I mean, seriously.
The whole idea of Lakers vs. Celtics is sickening to me......

Mikoyan said...

As much as I'd like to blame the refs for Game 5, I really can't. The Wings had enough chances to put the Penguins away and they didn't.