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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Uncle Buck(eye)

We all have one. You know, that uncle who makes you fear for the family gene pool.

Of course some have it worse than others.

Case in point, the email and pic below which we recently received at the MZone home office.

"I wanted to send this to you, but had to doctor it a little since it is one of my favorite uncles. Wife found it first and her exact quote was "OH NO" I am a Wolverine and she likes the Buckeyes. She shouldn't have shown it to me."

Sweet Jesus.

Two (of many) things come to mind.

First, "But it's a really old picture" is not a defense for the above. There is no time period where that was acceptable. Ever.

Second, I pray -- pray -- that this was actually supposed to be a half shirt.


Bigasshammm said...

Dear God it looks like he killed an 11 year old cheerleader and is now wearing her uniform as a trophy. Silence of the Lambs part Buckeye.

Catie said...

LOL@bigasshammm!!! That was funny!

TitleIX said...

I think the tube socks are longer than the shirt....

phil said...

wait a minute....that IS an 11 year old buckeye cheerleader. holy cow!

Lane said...

sorry yost, but these comments are completely blowing yours out of the water.

funny, funny stuff!

whetstonebuck said...


GoBrutus said...

Shows more skin and less gut than a Wolverine cheerleader though ;) haha

surrounded in columbus said...

are we sure it's not justin boren in his new practice gear?

Out of Conference said...

I think the Lucha Libra mask you photoshopped on to disguise him makes it even funnier. He needs a wrestling name - Das Nacho Cheez Datsmycheez!

Catie said...

You guys are cracking me up! Funny stuff!

Bigasshammm said...

Haha SIC very nice.

"Buckallero" Luche Libre name - cross between a Buckeye and a Horse (Caballero if my HS Spanish is correct)

Edgar said...

Caballero means gentleman, caballo is horse. So Buckallero is an oxymoran. I suggest the name El Gabacho Panzon.

OSURulz said...

Threadjack ...

In the annual tradition of wildly guessing whose the best college football team, ESPN has released its post-Spring top 25. Believe it or not, I'm stunned that OSU highlights the list. Most pre-Spring lists had us somewhere in the top 5, but nobody wanted to put us in the top 2. Now ESPN goes ahead and does the unthinkable by putting OSU at the very top.

However, me thinks ESPN had a slight alterior motive for this list. How do you get people to talk football in May? Well how about putting the team nobody outside of Ohio wants to see at the top? Want to really get the emails pouring in? Put some verbage that would suggest that OSU makes it to the NC game even if they lose to their most highly ranked opponent, then suggest Georgia might be a better team, but will ultimately be held back to a tough schedule. Everyone South of the Mason Dixon is going to have carpel tunnel syndrome from writing in hate mail.

Also, note that Sparty makes the list at #24. WBNS The Fan here in Columbus is up in arms about this. Can't say I blame them. I can't think of any logical arguments for why Sparty should debut in the top 25. Thoughts?


surrounded in columbus said...

well, its not exactly SI's top 25. it's the columnist, Mark Schlabach's 25. mandel has his own, http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2008/writers/stewart_mandel/05/01/spring.rankings/index.htm,

which has UGa #1 (and tosu #2). no that it matters much.

either way, i doubt that there will be huge uproar about where tosu starts once the real polls come out in july/august. the usc game is 9/13. if tosu wins, no one will doubt their ranking. if they lose, it won't matter anyway.

Catie said...

ESPN Sucks. I am sure that Herbie had a say in that.

Interesting that Penn State is at 25 as well. WVU that high on the list? LSU that low? Interesting.

Should be an interesting year for CFB......can't wait to see how it pans out.

Anybody have the official day count?

OSURulz said...

I think I prefer Mandel's simply because I don't think OSU has earned the top spot until they show they can beat a top team. I've always felt our whole season boils down to that USC game anyway. If we win, nobody can second guess us. If we lose, we don't deserve to be there anyway. And while I'm sure people are going to come out of the woodwork to say OSU doesn't belong, people will overlook the fact that OU is ranked #3 after coming off a blowout loss to WVU. And nobody is going to call Georgia out for the way beats its chest over defeating Hawaii.

If we get to the NC game I hope we're taking on Georgia. We need to play the best the SEC has to offer if we want to legitimize a win.

OSURulz said...

I think I prefer Mandel's simply because I don't think OSU has earned the top spot until they show they can beat a top team. I've always felt our whole season boils down to that USC game anyway. If we win, nobody can second guess us. If we lose, we don't deserve to be there anyway. And while I'm sure people are going to come out of the woodwork to say OSU doesn't belong, people will overlook the fact that OU is ranked #3 after coming off a blowout loss to WVU. And nobody is going to call Georgia out for the way beats its chest over defeating Hawaii.

If we get to the NC game I hope we're taking on Georgia. We need to play the best the SEC has to offer if we want to legitimize a win.

Hemlock Philosopher said...

The disnESPN rankings are always a joke. MSU and PSU at the bottom of the list. You have got to love the quote: "If Michigan State can rebuild both of its lines and replace top receivers Devin Thomas and Kellen Davis, they might win those close games in 2008." Yeah, so, there you have it. Rebuilt both lines, replace your top receivers, and your top TE and you have a top-25 team. Real nice.

Zen Wizard said...

That outfit would be totally acceptable on the Mexican Professional Wrestling circuit.

He could be, "La Castana"--the, um, Evil Bad Guy.

Catie said...

Two words. Over. Rated.

Bigasshammm said...

Id personally love to see TUO$ make it to the NC game again and get routed by GA. Not that I like either team but being in the heart of OH and having to deal with TUO$ fanboys on a daily basis it's the only weapon I've had lately is reminding them about their championship games. Basketball included.

And I like not having UM in the top 25 because it's better to climb the ladder then fall down it.

TitleIX said...

personally, I don't care where tUoOS is listed in ANY pre-season, pre-Rich Rod gaposis in time called spring/summer

it's a Michigan blog

surrounded in columbus said...

which is why we're commenting upon a picture of a 250 lb tosu fan in clothes made for 125 pound tosu fan????

but no, that's not the same thing about speculating over tosu's pre season ranking. however, it could be that by season's end, they could be equally funny, i suppose.

TitleIX said...

the picture looks like it was taken in a holler....

which brings me to odd facts I heard on npr re: the upcoming primary in West Virginia--home of Rich Rod
didja know that a) WV has the second oldest population in the nation behind Florida? b) WV has the lowest number of college graduates per capita of any state in the nation, and c) WV is pretty close to the whitest state in America

what have we done?????

surrounded in columbus said...

as i was born in wva, too, i can tell you that the schools (@ least the good ones) teach the three "R's":


Riting, and

Route 23 North...

and the really smart ones don't stop in Columbus but keep heading north.

just like me & R2! it just took him a little longer.

TitleIX said...

I like those 3 R's you lernt.
but you got off the highway wwwwaaay too soon

I was really surprised about the college graduate/capita factoid. I don't know which state I would have thought would have the lead on that one, but WV would not have been in my top three

oh gosh....
I may have just circled us back to pre-season ratings

word verification: jhldikk
(you decide!)

surrounded in columbus said...

that stat is probably deceiving. i'd guess that wva sends a higher proportion of kids to college than a lot of other states but they don't stay once they graduate.

wvu and marshall are both pretty decent schools, but outside mining engineering, the job market sucks.

you find a lot of grads from both schools in columbus, pittsburg, cinci, richmond, charlotte- basically the first decent city on your way out of wva from any direction.

Keegan said...

"If coach would have put me in the 4th quarter, we'd have won state....I just know it"

Nate said...

"That stat is probably deceiving. i'd guess that wva sends a higher proportion of kids to college than a lot of other states but they don't stay once they graduate."

Completely true. WVU conducted a recent study that showed only 38% of 1996 grads still lived in WV and only 58% who graduated in 2005. No jobs, unless you're a coal miner or you sell airbrushed "Fuck Rich Rod" shirts at the "mall."

Nate said...

"WVU that high on the list? LSU that low? Interesting."

Give WVU some credit. I mean we do have most of our offense coming back including PWhite/Devine and we did manage to destroy Oklahoma without RR. Our program may fall apart with the new coach, but I think it will be after this year (when Pat White leaves).

Bigasshammm said...

WVU does return Pat White and Devine which is basically the only reason the program is being held together. Rich Rod made WVU what it is now and with him gone so too go the recruits that may have come there. What other possible reason would any decent level player want to go to WVU? In 2 years I don't think WVU will be a top 25 school for years to come until they make another major change.

LSU dropped because they dropped their QB. Until they've proven themselves in some games they are low. MSU being ranked 24th in that poll is a joke. PSU ranked is basically because of Jopa they always have to rank him or he'll have a stroke on the spot and nobody wants that. But either way you can't have rankings until a team has played a game. I wish they would do away with preseason rankings alltogether.

Nate said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nate said...

The #1 wide receiver in the country has verballed to WVU for January '09. Must be doing something right.


I mean RR was great at getting the most of the kids, but WVU never had great recruiting classes while he was there.

OSURulz said...

Nate, couldn't agree more. My usual rule of thumb is that it takes at least 1 year for a program to gets its old coach out of its system, then you get more insight into whether the coaching change was good or bad in the second year. In WVU's case I think they'll have a good year this year and then start to deteriorate. But they will have the argument that they're rebuilding after losing Pat White. Of course I could be wrong, but that's my prediction at this point in time.

Dezzi said...

Hmm... thank god this picture isn't taken in my home town... I only know this because the landscape is not flat and full of cornfields and other cash crops.

That being said... from growing up in a rural town, this shirt must have been his first Buckeye shirt as a kid, and like a security blanket, it's very hard to give up!

OSURulz said...

FWIW, here is Stewrt Mandel's preseason assessment of Michigan's team this year ...

I see you leave out the University of Michigan in your spring rankings. Even with the new coach, the new system and a question mark at QB, you don't see them as a top 25 team?
-- Aaron Wolfgang, Ft. Jackson, S.C.
Isn't that like saying, "Even with the ongoing mortgage crisis, plunging stock market and $4-a-gallon gas, you don't see the economy doing well?"
If they haven't already, I would strongly advise all Michigan fans to significantly lower their usual expectation level this coming season. I saw it for myself this spring, and I've talked to fellow writers who visited Ann Arbor as well. All of us came away with the same impression that it's going to be pretty ugly for the Wolverines in Rich Rodriguez's first season. (Rodriguez has insinuated as much himself.) They have no quarterback, no offensive linemen, no experienced receivers, and because it's a completely new system, none of them have any idea what they're doing out there.
Fortunately Michigan has enough talent on defense to avoid a Notre Dame-level meltdown, but a 6-6 year is a very real possibility. These things are often inevitable whenever there's a coaching change, and that's why I'd advise Michigan followers to lower their immediate expectations. Take heart in the fact that Jim Tressel went 7-5 his first season in Columbus (though he did beat Michigan), Pete Carroll went 6-6 his first season at USC ... and Rodriguez went 3-8 his first season at West Virginia. All three won at least five more games the following year.

Zone Left said...

Can we get a link up to the charity bowl at EDSBS?

It's for a good cause and to get Michigan colors all over the intergalactic football blog universe.

Yost said...


Will have post on that up tomorrow.

surrounded in columbus said...

alright. i'll play along.

here's michigan's schedule for the upcoming season:

Miami (Ohio)
Notre Dame
Penn State
Michigan State
Ohio State

just to which six teams are you two predicting we lose?

OSURulz said...

SiC - Are you talking to me? I didn't say you guys would go 6-6. You'd have to ask Mandel if you want an answer to that. However for the sake of argument I will rank your schedule from what I see as toughest to easiest ...

Ohio State - I'm sure you're stunned.
Penn State
Purdue - Only cuz of the "snake oil" fued.
Notre Dame - Another fued
Michigan State - Yet another fued
Miami (Ohio)

Frankly I could envision a wide range of scenarios, but if you lost to ND, I guess you could say IMO 6-6 isn't out of the question for the season. However I would like to point out that I'm NOT making that prediction.

Would you agree with this ranking of relative strength? I haven't done too much research or even looked at which ones are home and away, which could affect my rankings.

surrounded in columbus said...

i would have:
tosu (away)
psu (away)
utah (home)
wisc/msu/illi (all home)
nd (away)
purdue/minn (both away)
nu (home)
miami/toledo (both home)

listed in this order based on 1) how good the other team is supposed to be; 2) whether it is home or away; and 3) when during the season the game is played.

tosu & psu are 1 & 2 because they are thought to be very good and both are road games.

i have utah 3 because they are supposed to be good and are our first game.

i think the rest are pretty predictable from there.

Nate said...

That's a pretty easy schedule. Hard to see 6 losses, but WVU did lose to Temple in RR's 1st year. Given you guys have much more talent than that team did but if players don't know the system, talent can't really make up for it. Look at Notre Dame.

OSURulz said...

SiC - I would agree with your assessment. I looked strictly at how good I expected the teams to be, but I think you're dead on about when the teams meet being a big factor. As long as you can run the ball, which seems to be the bright spot on your offense, I expect you guys to beat the weaker competition.

I think Wiscy and Illinois might be in for a step back this season, but if not, they're giong to be a real handful. I don't expect ND to light the world on fire, but both of your teams have too many unknowns for any kind of comparison. However I do think the bad blood between you guys and Purdue, ND, and MSU will make all those contests just a little tougher.

I'd watch out for Toledo and Miami this year. It seems every year the MAC steps up and takes down a bigger name early in the season. Those are the "gotcha" games nobody wants to get caught looking past.

Sgt. Wolverine said...

After Michigan's opening game last year, I think the gotcha game may happen somewhere other than Ann Arbor this year.

surrounded in columbus said...

i'm not sure this year's opener isn't a good candidate. Utah has a good team and returns a lot of experienced players. seeing how it's the first game, i think it's the most dangerous of the four non conference games.

my pet theory for the season is that we'll steadily improve as the year goes on. that's why i can see a loss to Utah or Wisco in September but hold out hope for games in October/November.

i think November could be particularly fun. we play @ Purdue, @ Minn, home w/ NU, and @ Tosu. we have what could be 3 tune up games to prepare for tosu.

of course, we could be 3-8 by then, too. ;0

Catie said...

One word. Believe.

I am one of those people who believes the best ....until I am proven wrong. How about we do that with our Michigan team this year?

Let's just BELIEVE.....until they prove us wrong!

Everybody with me.......LET'S GO BLUE!!!!

surrounded in columbus said...

don't know why, but i suddenly have this flash back of natalie wood, on christmas day after she didn't get the new house she asked kris kringle for, sitting in the back of the car on the way home to new york in "Miracle on 34th Street" chanting,

"I believe... I believe... It's silly, but I believe."

Catie said...

What ever it takes Sic.....just believe! :o)

That cute little puppy dog believes, I know he does!