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Friday, May 02, 2008

Spartan Donor is Deadbeat Dad but MSU to Keep Coin

And the Father of the Year Award will probably not go to this Spartan alum.

According to the Detroit News article linked here, an MSU grad bequethed a cool $1 million to his ol' alma mater. Just one problem with that: his kids say he owes $45K to their mother for child support that was never paid.

Upon finding out about the "gift," the alleged deadbeat donor's now-adult kids asked MSU trustees that $45K of the donation -- the amount of child support money the man admits he never paid his ex-wife -- be given to their mother.

Not gonna happen, say Sparty officials.

"That's between him and them," said Joel Ferguson, Board of Trustees chairman. "We'll keep the money. He's got to get a good lawyer. It's his dad's money. We accept the gift in the spirit of giving."

"We accept the gift in the spirit of giving?" Really? Even in this instance? Ouch.

Hey, while it might not be blood money, it sure is asshole cash.

Go Green! (just not to the kids or ex-wife)

(HT: MB, JP)


Catie said...


TitleIX said...

his daddy's money???

if that's the case then it's not even his to try and dip into....


TitleIX said...

excellent photoshop

how did you get deadtome and his friends to pose???

Lane said...

sounds a bit like a certain CFB coach who owes his prior employer some coin.

maybe not, but i'm just sayin'.


Vadatripp said...

"sounds a bit like a certain CFB coach who owes his prior employer some coin."

Yes, if Rodriguez had humped someone and if the existence of the WVU football program had been the result and if Rodriguez had donated roughly $87.7MM to U-M (the same proportion donated to MSU by Bradbury) it would be EXACTLY like that.

But it isn't. Just sayin'.

8-), ;), LOL!!!!!!1!!!!one!!!

Dezzi said...

Can you use the word "hump" on Friday? I thought it was only reserved for Wednesdays?

I prefer "boned" on Friday....

Out of Conference said...

Has their been a legal ruling or accounting paper trail that shows the Dad still owes the mom 45 kips, or is it just the mom's side of the story?

I remember when I was growing uyp, there was a segment on the local news program called "Deadbeat Dads" where they would air a picture of the deadbeat dad and say how much they owe and list the number and age of the kids he's not helping to support. It helped quite a few mothers out in obtaining the suport they were entitled to receive.

Out of Conference said...

Dezzi - I always thought the phrase, "Knocked the bottom out" had a pleasant ring to it myself.

As in,
Guy1: Dude, did you hook up with that hottie you met at Jungle Jim's?

Guy2: Oh yeah, I knocked the bottom out last night!

Guy1: Well I hoped you wrapped that weasel, or if you don't that you marry her or pay child support or else Yost will fry your ass!"

Edgar said...

Even though I am not a deadbeat dad I would subscribe to that magazine. With that magazine and modern drunkard I would be set.

beast in 'bama said...

This guy should be on the cover of Deadbeat Dad - every issue.

Sgt. Wolverine said...

How much would a subscription to Deadbeat Dad Monthly actually cost?

Schatten said...

stay classy, Sparty. Jesus, that 45K will prove to be worth a lot more in actual loss of alumni monetary goodwill

OSURulz said...

I can't entirely blame Sparty on this one. The classy thing to do would be to pay it to the kids, but if this guy donates a cool $1 mil to the university, certainly he can afford to pay the $45k. That's probably a personal vendetta that MSU doesn't want to get in the middle of and nothing says they have to. They can't be held accountable for how every donor got their hands on every dollar.

TitleIX said...

"they can't be held accountable for how every donor gets their money"


OSURulz said...

T9, very witty post you have going on there. Would you like to disagree with what I said or would you rather just mock trolls? Feel free to do both, but I know which one you're probably leaning towards.

BARman said...

It does seem a bit stupid on Sparty's part. Gosh, they'd only have $955K left if they let Mom have what's due her. Golly, that might take a whole year to make up in interest!

Sgt. Wolverine said...

This is kind of a weird situation because, as the article notes, the university won't actually have the money until the donor dies, and he's not dead yet. And I'm guessing it would take a lot for a university to criticize a seven-figure donation like that, so I doubt they're going to do anything to make him change his mind. They're probably expecting this to be forgotten soon enough.

On the bright side, I bet some of you creative people here could use this as material for some fun new signs for next year's UM-MSU football game...

TitleIX said...


I shouldn't even bother with this reply, but given that you are relatively new around here...lemme catch you up.

If motivated, I could and would run 'thesaurical' and rhetorical circles around you. Not interested currently.

In addition, 'mocking of trolls' as you put it, is actually a higher order cognitive skill much like the formation of humor, inneundo, and double entendres. Good news? You are smart enough to catch on. Bad news? You don't get it.

So, a word of advice, new found 'friend' of MZone. If you want to run with the big dogs fine, thicken up your skin, sharpen your senses, and buy a dictionary.
If not?
Stay on the damn porch.

(ps--all bitch references which my allegorically ensue from my use of the 'big dog' metaphor are welcomed, owned, celebrated and cheap easy low-hanging fruit---ergo not worth your plebian effort)

c'est tu

TitleIX said...


my = MIGHT

which is just so perfect on metaphysical levels that I can't stand it.

Bigasshammm said...

sgt. wolverine said...
How much would a subscription to Deadbeat Dad Monthly actually cost?

The actual publication varies per subscriber. They add your number of children proportional to the amount of your yearly salary and then charge you accordingly.

gh said...

Not that I am defending OSUrulz, but I do see his argument.

Maybe the author of the article wrote it mistakenly, but it does say the money was bequeathed, ie. its in his will, ie. MSU doesn't get the $$$ until he dies. No money has transferred, just the promise of money at a future date. So it seems a little silly that the son wants MSU to give him a cut of the money that they won't see for what may be a number of years.

I also see OSUrulz' point that MSU shouldn't have to do a background check on every donation to make sure the donor's kids, exwife, etc. were properly compensated before accepting a gift. To expect MSU to be the Judge, Jury, etc. and settle a clearly ugly family dispute in the role of righteous do-gooder is more than a bit of a reach. This isn't quantum leap, MSU isn't Scott Bakula, they shouldn't have to 'make right what once went wrong'. The son should be speaking to a lawyer, not the media.)

Further you can bequeath anything you want, it doesn't mean your estate will have it when you croak. I remember my fraternity offering me a membership in their exclusive high end donors club if I wrote them a check for $25K, or if I put $100K in my will for them. Many of us were reading the book "Die Broke" at the time and we deduced that we'd put it in our wills and get the fancy sports coat that came with the club, then laugh our asses off in the afterlife when the check bounced(probably from a very warm vantage point.)

Further, while I have a special level of hate for Dead Beat dads, methinks there's something in the story that we're not being told. (the pay-up-Rich-WVU-stalker-exgirlfriend episode has taught me to not take sides in ugly divorces that I'd be far better off to keep out of.)

BTW T9, I think you are coming off a little harsh. Brow-beating someone on the internet is sooooo Ohio.

surrounded in columbus said...

what a bunch of crap.

if it were a gift/donation/bequethment from the Ku Klux Klan or American Nazi Party, do you think the Sparties would take it?

hell no. institutions say "no" to donations all the time, and most typically because of the source.

moosu should have at least had the sense to say: they didn't know anything & needed to look into it; or that since it's triggered upon the donors death, they'll have to consider the circumstances at the time.

instead, they showed themselves to be the cow farming craven hotel clerks they have always been.

it's the same lack of character the causes them to blow leads late in games and collapse in the last half of the season.;)

OSURulz said...

"if it were a gift/donation/bequethment from the Ku Klux Klan or American Nazi Party, do you think the Sparties would take it?"

Yeah, this is situation is just like that situation, and the RR thing is completely different.

surrounded in columbus said...


"Yeah, this is situation is just like that situation, and the RR thing is completely different."

i'm all for forgiving typos, but dude, that's not even english.

OSURulz said...

SiC I'd translate it for you but I think the the Big Dogs will get it.

On a completely unrealated topic, I found this little nugget on SI's "The 10 Spot". I think we can all have a snicker at this ...

• The NCAA has ruled that new Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett must sit out a year after transferring from Michigan. Hmm, that puts his odds at actually playing for coach Bobby Petrino right around 50/50.

Bigasshammm said...

"SiC I'd translate it for you but I think the the Big Dogs will get it."

Thus proving that TUO$ fans will put "the" in front of everything. Even the same word.

surrounded in columbus said...

you can never have too many prepositions- it shows the world just how important you are.

MGoBlue93 said...


it shows the world just how important you ^THINK^ you are.

surrounded in columbus said...

oh. so just because someone might "think" putting a "the" in front makes them important, it really doesn't it?


i wonder if "they" know that?

OSURulz said...

So much for forgiving the the typos.