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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Not That There's Anything Wrong With This Coaching

MZone reader MA sent us the YouTube link and stills below from an online coaching video called SUCCESSFUL COACHING: JOHN COOPER - DEFENSIVE ENDS.

Now, a couple things caught our eye about this gem (and no, not just the title). First, in the YouTube description of the clip it states:

This program teaches fundamental techniques, drills and championship philosophy. Learn how to improve your technique and learn from one of the legends of the game. John Cooper is the 6th winningest active coach with a career mark of 179-73-6 and has led the Ohio State Buckeyes for the past 13 years. His Buckeyes have won 62 games over the past six seasons nad in the decade of the 90's Ohio State compiled an 85-23-3 record, eighth best among all Division 1-A schools and captured a national title for 2003.

Naturally, I was quite surprised to read the above as I thought Jim Tressel was the one that led Tuos to the National Title in '03. My bad.

And then there were the stills MA sent from the video that the eternal 8th grader in us couldn't help but wonder just what these drills were teaching...

"Now shower up and let's go watch some gladiator movies!"


Zen Wizard said...

...and they wondered why I always tried to cut gym class!

phil said...

Cooper's second video: "Coaching Offense - Brokeback Mountain Style" should be available at Blockbuster soon.

Joshua said...

Just for the record it wasn't Cooper OR Tressell who brought that NC to Columbus- it was Terry Porter. Without him tressell is 0-3 in NC games.

srudoff said...


Terry Porter was right.

Six and a half months after the most controversial call of the Bowl Championship Series era, the Big 12 field judge has been vindicated.

That's not going to please Miami players, fans and coaches who are still grinding their teeth over Porter's decision to signal pass interference against Miami defensive back Glenn Sharpe in the Fiesta Bowl.

Earlier this year Big 12 commissioner Kevin Weiberg said game films had been reviewed and that, in fact, Porter had made the right call. The Big Ten supervisor of officials, who is used by the NCAA to assign officials for bowl games, concurred this week.

The problem is, few people saw the actual infraction. All the replays focused on Sharpe jumping for a ball in the end zone intended for Ohio State receiver Chris Gamble.

The penalty occurred on fourth-and-3 from the Miami 5 in the first overtime of Ohio State's 31-24 victory. At the line of scrimmage, Sharpe tried to "jam" Gamble and impeded his progress. When the official who apparently had the call in the end zone didn't make one, Porter came rushing from the back of the end zone to throw the flag four or five seconds after the play had ended.

"The timing of the flag might have looked not good," said Dave Parry, the Big Ten supervisor of officials, who works with the NCAA. "Terry was probably trying to be very thorough. He signaled a push for a defensive pass interference, then a signal for holding. There is a time lapse there. When the camera showed it they didn't see the line of scrimmage. They saw the downfield play about 7 or 8 yards."

Porter has been the subject of Miami fans' message board rants for months since the call. Miami's stance seems to be that while the call might have been right, it was inexcusable that Porter waited those pregnant seconds before throwing the flag after running from the back of the end zone.

"I replayed it in my mind," Porter said after the game. "I wanted to make double-sure that it was the right call."

Without saying it was the case, Parry said this week there could have been a "small, small little downgrade" in Porter's evaluation for shoddy mechanics in waiting so long to make the call. Crews are assigned to the national championship game on a rotating basis. The crews are "all-stars" made up of the best official at each position in that conference.

A Big 12 crew was supposed to do the 2002 Rose Bowl but was delayed a year when Nebraska made the game. That allowed Porter and his mates a chance at the Fiesta Bowl. What bothered Porter and the Big 12 was a report that two letters of apology had been sent to conference schools after games Porter worked.

The Big 12 was upset by the report. Porter, a Stillwater, Okla., food broker, denied that was the case.

"I ain't talking about (the call)," Porter said brusquely this week when reached by phone. "You can call the Big 12 office."

Big 12 supervisor of officials Tim Millis, an NFL official himself, said this year that Porter would be NFL material if he were younger. Porter is in his mid-50s. Millis was out of the office this week and could not be reached.

"I talked to Terry about it," Parry said. "His view was the snuggle (contact) was right at the line of scrimmage. (Sharpe) took (Gamble's) shoulder away from him as he tried to get away. That's why he went with holding."

Jay Hansen, sports editor of the Mansfield (Ohio) News-Journal, was one of the few lay persons with a closeup look at the play. While everyone else was concentrating on the two players in the end zone, Hansen was watching the line of scrimmage from the floor of the Fiesta Bowl.

"From what I saw there was definitely contact," said Hansen, who had come down from the press box and was on the sideline near the end zone when the call was made.

"I thought it should have been holding. Gamble caught the defensive back on his heels. I was concentrating on Gamble. Definitely, in my opinion, there was a penalty on the play."

The view from South Florida is that the call cost the Hurricanes the national championship. Not even close. During that drive and before the call, Miami's vaunted defense allowed Ohio State to convert a fourth-and-14. A stop there would have won Miami its second consecutive national championship.

Even after the controversial call, it took the Buckeyes two plays to score from the Miami 1 in the first overtime to tie it. Then, after trailing 31-24 in the second overtime, Miami had four cracks at the tying (or eventual winning) score from the Ohio State 2.

On fourth down, Ken Dorsey crumbled in the face of a withering Ohio State rush and the upset was achieved. Porter was a stand-up guy, explaining the call after the game.

In retrospect, Miami, an 11-point favorite, had plenty of chances to put the game away and in the end was outplayed by an Ohio State team that was better prepared. And whether it takes five seconds or five minutes, they teach officials, above all, to get the call right. Porter did.

srudoff said...

oh yeah


referee magazine named porter's call one of the 18 best calls in the history of officiating - for all sports

funny how people without a biased opinion see the call different

it was the right call, he just took so damn long to make the call

phillip said...

speaking of people with biased opinions seeing things differently... ???

I'm indifferent to the call on the whole, and support the B10 getting the championship, but wow.

Mikoyan said...

I don't understand what the Miami fans were bitching about. According to just about every pundit under the sun, Miami was supposed to wipe the field with Ohio State. The question wasn't whether Miami would win that game, but by how much. It shouldn't have come down to those calls.

There aren't that many games where it comes down to a bad call by the ref. Although that's what the fans will focus on.

Jeremy said...

It's "UoOS." There is no T, dammit, not even in jest. You're letting the terrorists win.

srudoff said...

wasn't talking about me

was talking about national columnists, especially one that complained about it after it happened

Joshua said...

Dear Sru:

Thanks for giving us a play by play of this video:


Anyone who watches that and thinks it's "LEGIT" needs to have his head examined. Just because a CBS columnists says it was doesn't make it true.

Did it take you two plays to score afterward? Yes. Did they have their chances to answer? Yes. But if you watch that video and still think that call's correct you're not smart enough to pour piss out of a boot with the instructions printed on the heel.

Please give TresseLLL my congrats when he wins his first BCS National Championship Game, whenever that may be.

Lane said...


Out of Conference said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Out of Conference said...

"Call now and we'll throw in an instructional video on how to learn the art of handling a humiliating defeat at the hands of SEC foe South Carolina in the Outback Bowl. But wait, be one of the first 1,000 callers and we'll throw in part 2 of that video as well!"

DaBraylon17 said...

LOL. i love it when one bad thing is said about UOS' national title "victory" in the 2002 season. the first thing UOS fans do is run to the Internet to find articles favoring the UOS win and people who say that the referee made the right call. hilarious. you guys are pathetic.

DaBraylon17 said...

and srudoff, you are biased as well. you are a UOS fan and hence, you think it was pass interference. i think it was not interference, but opinions aside, the MAIN problem was that he took so long to throw the flag. if it's a penalty, throw the flag right away and then have a conference with another referee who possibly saw it as well. if it's not pass interference, waive the penalty. like i said, the problem with most people was that the flag was too late.

Bigasshammm said...

Definitely holding at the line but there was no contact prior to the ball in the endzone. Either way the end result is the same. Defensive holding is an automatic first down and half the distance there so maybe they don't get in because of that extra yard or so but I don't think so.
The call should have been holding but there was definitely a right to throw a flag there. No pass interference though it was just a great defensive play.

Mikoyan said...

I know there's a few REd Wing fans here....what's the deal with the Crosby love fest? I think they panned to the bench everytime he was there.

Joshua said...

I didn't necessarily think there was holding at the line, and if that's the case the flag was thrown 10-12 seconds late and not just five.

I have no problem with the fact that they won the game, the thing that irks me is that I can't find one single Buckeye fan who says, "you know what- it was probably the wrong call, but sometimes that happens in sports." That's all I want. Don't shit in my hand and try to get me to agree that it's gold. Don't try to get me to agree to something stupid. Seriously, if I wanted to let people I was that stupid I'd hire Helen Keller to be my interior designer.

They played a hell of a game to even be in that position, but to justify the call with quotes like "The timing of the flag might have looked not good," said Dave Parry, the Big Ten supervisor of officials, who works with the NCAA. "Terry was probably trying to be very thorough."

And this? "I replayed it in my mind," Porter said after the game. "I wanted to make double-sure that it was the right call." Any referee or umpire worth his salt makes the call right as it happens. If you have to "think" about it, it's the wrong call.

So I'm not crying. Kudos to you Buckeye fans for winning one of the NC games you've been in. Hell, at least you were there, which is more than we can say, but don't call me stupid.

Pogue Mahon said...

The coach in the pictures is none other than ND's new Assistant Head Coach Defense, aka Jon Tenuta

whetstonebuck said...

"...but don't call me stupid."


"No one wants to look dumb."

Joshua said...

Whets I give you an interior designing Helen Keller and that's all I get? Sheesh!

whetstonebuck said...


Admittedly, the H.K. reference was funny. I was going to segue off it with an Oriental "Heren Kerrer" Feng Shui motif and go with...

Ah, Grasshopper, snatch the golden turd from my hand and I will assume you are stupid.

Corey said...

Happy belated B-day Catie!

Catie said...

"Happy belated B-day Catie!"

Hey Corey! Thank you! :o)

OSURulz said...

Oh good, my favorite topic. The old "you didn't really win a NC because the falg came in late" debate. I'll stick to my usual arguments ...

1. All it did was give us a second chance to score a TD to send it into a second OT. Its not like that call lost the game for Miami.

2. On Miami's very next possesion they get the exact same call in their favor.

3. If the officials had gotten the call right on our last possesion of regulation, either the pass interference call or the fact that we got the first down, we never would have seen OT in the first place. Nobody talks about that blown call much, I wonder why? It had just as much impact as the "late" flag.

srudoff said...

Joshua - find me a Michigan fan that doesn't get all defensive about your 1/2 championship in 1997 and I'll find you a buckeye fan that would say that the call was wrong.

whetstonebuck said...

Is this the place that I get to make fun of your Michigan baseball teams? We stomped E. Michigan yesterday. I know, not much competition, but hey.

We don't have much to brag about in Wildcat Country (Univ. of Arizona) as of late. Even our basketball program is on life support.

However, our baseball and softball teams continue to fight for National Championships: A glimmer of hope in a very dark athletic world.

Jim Harbaugh Scramble said...

That looks nothing like Coach Coop.

Furthermore U of OS "won" the national title in '02.

Joe said...

I am sorry to hijack this thread. But, I need your prayers. My son is facing something that could be really bad. We go in Monday for him to have a brain biopsy. We are scared. Regardless of anything, please, please, please pray for my son and for us. We need God’s mercy and our 9 year old son needs His mercy.

I know there are people of faith that read and post here…I am asking for prayers for my son. Thank you.

Tom C said...

Joe; have them you shall.