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Monday, May 12, 2008

Mike Barwis's Cats

And you thought Michigan's new strength and conditioning coach was only tough on the players?

Hell, even his pets can't escape this workout-crazed madman as the secretly obtained clip below illustrates.

(HT: T9)


Catie said...

The one cat was smarter than the other, figuring out that he could get further by jumping on the thing at the top.

I do have to say (sorry, but) I think it was mean to turn the speed up, I felt bad for the kitties, they were trying so hard and making it go faster was just mean. Otherwise, cute video.....although a video of Barwis running would have been far more entertaining! YUM!

TitleIX said...

catie, friend, you are too sensitive.
the cats LOVE it.
and, you know, if they can't take it....they can always leave

Catie said...

Yeah, yeah, I tend to be on the compassionate side, nothing to be sorry for, it comes in handy in my line of work! You make a good point though, they could leave (and they did, lol)

whetstonebuck said...

Their little kitty souls need consumin'.


surrounded in columbus said...

ah, wets, now we know what the sweater vest is knitted from, ala Cruela De Tressel...

Feelin' Blue said...

Since this video was made, one of the cats actually ended up transferring to a new home further south, citing a decline in pack values.

Mikoyan said...

Hmmm, looks like the Ohio State entry for alternative energy generation.

"We didn't get enough power from 1 cat....Maybe if we use 2..."

Bigasshammm said...

Catie said...
The one cat was smarter than the other, figuring out that he could get further by jumping on the thing at the top.

Not so. I believe the first cat was the smartest since he would stand at the back and just use his front feet to run on the treadmill. All the while thinking to himself "Look at that dumbass trying to keep up with this thing and almost falling on his face repeatedly. Glad I brought my easy button."

Another way you could look at this video is from the UM S&C program then and now. Then - kitty jumps on treadmill realizes the work is hard so falls off back and only gives half effort. Now - other kitty jumps on treadmill and works his paws off to keep up with the thing as it goes faster. When he falls off he gets right back on and keeps trying.

Uplifting UM reference of the day. You're welcome!

Bigasshammm said...

I do like in the video the point at which they are speeding it up and the second cat just looks at the camera and gives a total "WTF!?" face.

OSURulz said...

This seems like the only appropriate time fot that Nittany Lion growl to be piped in.

Justin said...

Any truth to the rumor that those cats names are Boren and Mallet? Did you see how easily they gave up? Seems like they also have another thing in common with their human namesakes.....