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Monday, May 19, 2008

College Football Fans Love Jim Delany

Don't beat around the bush, how do you really feel?

Got an email from MZone reader Matt telling us to take a look at Big Ten commish Jim Delany's Wikipedia page, specifically the "Influence" section. As Matt wrote, "You should probably hurry before someone takes it down."

He's right. Here's why...

Funniest thing about that Wiki post? The "[2]" where they actually cite a reference and strive to give proper documentation to their "complete and utter douchebag" assertion.

Who says Wikipedia hasn't fixed any problems with their fact checking?

UPDATE: Since this post, the Wiki entry has now been, uh, "updated."


Catie said...

Ha, it has already been edited out (the douchebag part)

Lane said...

i am in love with the internet - seriously, it is on all accounts the coolest thing ever.

oh, and can we finally just get this out there - catie's cleavage is like....just....wow!

Catie said...

Ruh roh!

Anthony S said...


TitleIX said...




were not talking playoffs here

Catie said...

T9, Oh yes we are talking Playoffs!

I think that implementing a playoff system is rather like implementing social health reform. There are too many benefiting from the current system that have too loud of a voice to allow such a change. If there is some way to show benefit to those who are currently benefiting, then there may be some hope.

Joshua said...

That's awesome. Totally got taken by surprise with the douchebag line.

Four team playoff. Six at most. Anything else diminishes the regular season in too large of a way.

Sgt. Wolverine said...

Raise your hand if you think a playoff system would stay at 4-6 teams in the long term.

(I'm not raising my hand.)

Joshua said...

Yup. Pretty much not raising my hand. But can't a guy dream?

Sgt. Wolverine said...

Sorry. Just call me Burrill, Destroyer of Dreams. (Sometimes even my own.)

beast in 'bama said...

The entry's already been changed? Wait...I thought it was your assertion that Wikipedia has fixed its fact checking...I'm confused.

TitleIX said...

I'm thinking Matt wrote it, screen shotted it and sent it on to Yost

posting the screen shot is somewhat akin to text-messaging all your friends about the great new shipment of ganja at the frat house.

someone's gonna 'hear' about it...
enter Wikipolice

TitleIX said...

you mean college football playoffs......

I thought the reference was still to mammary glands

personally, I think that IF there is a 'playoff' it should be called a TOURNAMENT----just like every other NCAA sport with 'playoffs'!

ie--Congrats to the Softball Women, regional champs. SuperRegional here in A2 this weekend Sat and Sun versus VaTech. Also available on ESPN.
GO BLUE!!!!!

Jeff said...

You should check out the history on his wikipedia page. After the "douchebag" comment was removed, people made a bunch of changes. Such as:
"Delanye has also done everything in his power to cater to the desires of Ohio State and Michigan, much to the malign of the rest of the conference. This includes hiring and retaining referees that give favorable calls to Michigan, most notably when they play perennial conference stepchild, Penn State. Once Delaney steps down, there is hope all conference members will be treated equally."

Yost said...


Matt just sent the link. I saw it and it was there.

But I agree with you: there must be some system in place at Wikipedia that raises red flags when all of a sudden entries like the page for "Jim Delany" suddenly start getting thousands of hits.

While I'm sure it's possible there could be spontaneous, overwhelming interest in the Big 10 commissioner, the Wiki folks have probably figured something is probably amiss.

Sgt. Wolverine said...

As part of a paper she was writing about not citing Wikipedia as a source, a friend of mine added her brother -- a current U-M student -- as a past president of EMU. It did get fixed eventually. (But considering the problems they've had there, I guess that's almost plausible...)

The main point of her paper was simply that the only really reliable way to use Wikipedia is simply to find actual reliable sources in the citations. Using Wikipedia as a source, she said, isn't much different than using a classmate's paper as a source.

Mike From THE state of Ohio said...

A playoff never happening is kind of aggrivating. As I heard someone say earlier, by putting in a playoff- the regular season becomes less important (even though it'll still be a great feat to be in the top 4 nationally at the end of the season, as opposed to just the top 2).

There's no doubt it would help, because then there wouldn't be any of this "USC and LSU are co-champs" garbage. I would have loved to have seen a Nebraska-Michigan game in 1997 too.

Delaney being called a "douchebag" on one of the internet's most frequented sites = very funny.

P.S. - 4 days until the new Indiana Jones movie comes out...(Mike shreiks like a little school-girl)...

Mikoyan said...

The problem I see is that any playoff system they come up with will perpetuate the status quo in the college football world. One of the nice things about the NCAA Basketball Tournament is that every team has an equal shot of winning it. And every conference has at least one entry in it. That would not be the case in a football tourney, unless they go to a 64 team format, which would be unlikely.

I'm probably one of the few folks in America that actually like the bowl system (although I don't like the BCS). And unless they address the above issue, I don't want to see a playoff.

Matthew said...

Here's the story on how I found it:

My roommate works for Chicago 2016 and Jim Delaney sits on their board. My roommate was putting together a presser for some event they were having and decided to look on Wikipedia for some background information on Delaney. Knowing I would enjoy the post, he told me to go to Jim Delaney's wikipedia page, which I did. Finding it hilarious, I thought I would share it with Benny and Yost, who would appreciate it.

I did not create that information on Jim Delaney's page.


TitleIX said...

Matt and Yost---
my apologies.
my post was meant to be funny, sort of tongue-in-cheek with the "idea" of "matt" posting it as an abstract concept

given the responses I can completely see what a crappily-written comment it were (sic)

I am sorry for any defamation and/or dismay that occurred.

OSURulz said...

I'm in favor of a plus-one format. However I am apparently in the minority. Most people either like the current system or want 16 - 32 teams. I think that's crazy. I shiver at the thought of more than 8 teams being added to a tournament style format.

IMO nobody outside the top 8 has any room to cry foul. 8 teams would be mean 6 conference champions with 2 at-large bids. If you can't make that cut, then don't whine about not getting your shot. But even a +1 would at least cut down on the number of teams p1ssing and moaning about how they got passed up.

Besides, I would actually prefer my OSU boys to have some sort of tune up prior to an NC game instead sitting on their duffs for 50+ days. But I guess that kind of talk is on hold for another 6 years or so.

bill said...

Someone needs to go change it back to the douchebag thing. I tried but I'm banned from wikipedia for "vandalism"