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Thursday, April 03, 2008

"They can't treat our city like that! Only we can treat our city like that!"

Ah, irony.

Following their team's 2-0 loss to the Columbus Crew, a group of Toronto FC fans who traveled to Ohio from Canada to watch their team open the Major League Soccer season created havoc before and after the game, getting rowdy with police who had to call in extra help.

"They're pissing all over the damn place, and as you can see, they've littered it up considerably," Columbus police lieutenant Kevin Conley said. "And then they decided that they were going to surround one of our cars like they were the Indians and the car was Custer."

Or like, oh, I dunno, they were Buckeyes and the car had Michigan plates.

Also, according to the article linked above, some Toronto fans taunted Columbus fans with insults and profanity.

"You know what? Part of the sporting spirit is being antagonistic," said Andrew Gorsky, a 22-year-old Toronto fan. "You can't deny it."

Yes, I've heard that before.

But Columbus police were not amused by the -- I'm just pointing it out -- scarlet and grey (and white) clad Toronto fans.

"Any game is disappointing when you have a crowd that's not acting well or, let's say, sociable," Conley said. "We don't mind a little bit of drinking, or a little bit of fans cheering and rowdiness. But at the same time, if we come in and ask you to quiet it down and stop the behavior, we kind of expect a little bit of cooperation."

When asked to comment further on the incident, Captain Renault of the Columbus police force had this to say, "I'm shocked -- shocked -- to find that fan misbehavior is going on around here!"

(HT: JP)


Adam said...

To be fair, though, fans in Europe are by far more violent (and more organized) than even TUOS fans.

I hope those Buckeye fans who make a scene during The-Game-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named feel ashamed of themselves, even if the Toronto fans were being classless.

But the Toronto fans should be ashamed, too.

Dezzi said...

I concur with Adam....

There was a report last year about a game between I think, Inter and Juventus... and on the Italian motorway, a guy was shot and killed for supporting the wrong team.

Man! I can't wait for the Euro 2008 here in Switzerland! In Geneva is Portugal, Turkey, and Czech Republic... the fans of the first two teams... I don't think I'll go out on the town the night they play!

Vadatripp said...

"They're pissing all over the damn place, and as you can see, they've littered it up considerably," Columbus police lieutenant Kevin Conley said.

Is this guy new to the Columbus police force or something?

Out of Conference said...

Hey Dezzi, are the Turkish fans asking for Turkish only hours in the street?

Too soon?

surrounded in columbus said...

a couple thoughts-

first, this story never made it into the Dispatch. the Columbus media tries to sugar coat everything (not just buckeye bowl losses or ncaa infractions). almost everything in columbus is portrayed as always "smiley" faced. even the riots.

second thought is that i just realized that my 16 year old daughter worked this game as a volunteer usher w/ the rest of her high school cheer leading squad (steady Josh). she never mentioned any of this.

maybe she didn't notice. maybe being raised a tuos fan by her mother, she didn't think there was anything wrong. i'll have to ask her which section of the stadium she worked!

Mike said...

Keep in mind, though- these were soccer fans, and CANADIANS!

It's not like any of us self respecting Buckeye fans would get worked up by that game, so why riot?

I mean, college football, that's completely different :-P

Killing My Liver said...

This is funny on about 5 levels, the most of which is fans in C-bus complaining about fan behavior.

Irony much ?

Word V: cfdxnvs

Crew Fans Definitely Xeem NVS

Dezzi said...


Not quite sure about that... Euro 2008 starts around the end of June. I'm just nervous because my building has its fair share of Portugese... and just down the street are a few Turkish kebab shops... don't need a turf war going on in my neighborhood. Thank god the UN peace keeping forces can mobilize quickly....

Personally... I'm looking forward to the Czech fans... my flight back from Prague after New Years was LOADED with talent. Not that Geneva lacks any in that department.

Best part about the Euro will be... no matter what country wins... there will be partying in Geneva thanks to the UN!!

Just pray that Italy doesn't win........ the World Cup celebration was ridiculous!

Dezzi said...

oops... I was wrong about fans killing each other in Italy... it was a POLICEMAN who shot a fan! Supporters from Parma and Juventus were brawling at a rest stop (article says this behavior is COMMON at rest stops among opposing fans in Italy!)

Man I love passionate fans (dripping with sarcasm)

Mikoyan said...


to borrow a line from Apocolypse Now:
"Complaining about fan behavior in Columbus is like handing out speeding tickets at the Indy 500"

That's about the same level as Sparty complaining about fan behavior.

"Ohio, where the men are men and the couchs are nervous..." (Little did I know that could be taken on a couple of levels)

Ty Philip said...

Surrounded - What paper doesn't do that? I'm sure the Free Press "sugar coats" UM press, the Statesman "sugar coats" UT stuff, etc...

phil said...

Big differences between Canadians rioting and Americans rioting. Americans will say:
EH!! Why are you rioting?!

And Canadians will say:
Why are you rioting?! EH!!?

Sgt. Wolverine said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure the Ann Arbor News doesn't sugercoat things. Well, Jim Carty doesn't, anyway.

Hemlock Philosopher said...

Neither does Drew "Asshat" Sharp

surrounded in columbus said...

Sgt W & Hem answered for me, but there are a lot of newspapers that do not gloss over local issues. there are also a large number that actually see themselves as "guardians" of the local truth and go to extra lengths to report the negative items to make sure nothing is hidden.

the Dispatch and the Cowtown media market are known for the opposite, not just about tuos, but the city in general. coincidentally, while on vacation last week i got stuck listening to cowterd's radio show on thursdy. he was waxing on about the value of negative press as a motivator and used columbus/tuos as an example of a situation where the team gets no benefits as all they ever hear is how great they are.

so, i guess i'm not the only person in the world who has this view of the local media.

Joshua said...

Surrounded - What paper doesn't do that? I'm sure the Free Press "sugar coats" UM press...



No, really, who wants to send this guy a link to the Assclown first?

And SIC I saw your cheerleader comment- In all fairness I'm a man-whore, not a creepy child molester.

Joshua said...

Damn you guys beat me to it. Guess that's what I get for actually "working". Anyone have a cure for that?

Sgt. Wolverine said...

Joshua, just do what I did -- become self-employed. Now I'm on the computer most of the day without a boss to look over my shoulder or a corporate firewall to shut me out.

Of course, there is a downside: to make a living as a photographer, I can't just shoot the fun stuff (sports!); I have to shoot some weddings, too. But that's just one day of stress at a time, so it's not too bad.

Joshua said...

The end of my post got cut off, it should read:

And SIC I saw your cheerleader comment- In all fairness I'm a man-whore, not a creepy child molester. Please make a note of it.

There you go, the sarcasm got lost in the first mishap.

funny you mention self-employment, I've been working on a new business plan that'll allow me the freedom to write AND pay the bills, though they'll be mutually exclusive endeavors. If all goes well we'll be launching around August 1st, meaning that also makes me my own boss for football season. You know what that means? Tons of work M-Th, and Margarita Fridays for everyone!

Sgt. Wolverine said...

Joshua, I was about to say that I'd love to join you for your margarita Fridays, but then I realized: my fall Fridays are the work evenings I most enjoy. So I guess margarita Fridays are out for me.

zen wizard said...

I say just throw the game and let Toronto win.

Soccer is not worth one urine stain on a single house of worship.

Hell, it is not worth one littered hot dog wrapper.

What's next?

Somebody gets a permanent assault charge on their record over curling or field hockey?

Joshua said...

Personally I was thinking Guiness Friday's or Balvenie Double Wood (single malt scotch) Fridays, but rumor has it chicks dig Margarita's. Maybe I'll make it "Pick your Own Saturday Pre-Game".

surrounded in columbus said...

complete & total thread jack, but justin boren should clearly stay away from ND, too.

rivals has this clip:


of a D practice under Tenuta. if a coach's "family values" are judged by the number of times he says "f***"? ND is NOT going to be anymore to Justin's liking than A2...

TitleIX said...

ok, a little late but....

pot, meet kettle
kettle, meet pot

Joshua said...


That's not an introduction, it's more like having blackmail photos of the Pot passed out next to a crack pie, an empty bottle of vodka, and a naked Kettle.

TitleIX said...

don't forget the lint roller....

Joshua said...

Thought that was too easy. Glad to see I was right.

MGoBlue93 said...

Where's srudoff and his standard, "this happens in A2 too" post?

JoBu said...

Honestly, I don't think you guys are going to have to worry too much this year. Do you really think the natives are going to be whipped into a frenzy when Michigan limps into Columbus with a 5-6 record with their 3rd stating QB due to all your OL defections?

This year, breaking the window of a car with Michigan plates or tossing donuts at a guy in the maize and blue would be tantamount to picking on a special needs kid.

surrounded in columbus said...

OMG. that is SO f'ing funny. like the way you work in the record over the last 4 years, and like how Michigan is not supposed to be very good this season? so like, you'll win and it won't be fun to throw beer bottles and stuff? gee. that's just really, really clever.

next time go w/ something more simple, like: "f*** michigan! 6-1 bitches!".

save yourself a lot of typing and be about as effective.

JoBu said...

Wow, what a temper.

All I'm saying is that this year I don't think you'd see Buckeye fans getting all worked up when we play Minnesota at home. So why would they get all violent for another mediocre 2008 Big Ten team?

Besides, saying "f*** michigan! 6-1 bitches!" is too lowbrow and crass. Where is the fun in mocking Michigan when you're so talentless as of late. I'm looking at your cupboard, and right now its pretty bare outside of your stud frosh RB, and who's blocking for him? Its more appropriate to just pity you and let you rant about buckstaches and hooliganism.

surrounded in columbus said...

ah, buckeye fans get "worked up" if some sports writer in lubbock texas doesn't vote them #1. they tend, as a crowd, to take offense at any perceived slight.

some of them are so thin skinned that they troll along other fans' teams websites, casting insults at them while simultaneously denying that they are bothered, at all, about what other people say about them.

those are usually the most pathetic types. sadly typing comments that really say "look at me", because deep down, it really does bother them what other people say. otherwise, why would they bother reading what michigan fans say on a michigan web site?

JoBu said...

I'm not the crowd, I'm but one fan.

Nothing was said about me, so I'm not "pathetically" denying anything. I believe you're doing what psychiatrists would call "projecting".

I read this site all the time. Its witty, it helps me understand the opponent up north, and it posts about Ohio State more than some Ohio State blogs I read. For instance, I know from reading this blog that if you don't have a good comeback to something, you usually default to accusing the poster of being a pathetic troll.

Don't worry buddy, you'll be good again in a few years. You hired a good coach. Sure, his lawyer just compared his $4 mil buyout from WVU to a payment for a slave's freedom on the anniversary of MLK's assassination, but that's just rhetoric, right?

Joshua said...

Ah Jobu,

Taking the high road and being arrogant is our ground. Being drunken idiots obsessed with beating us is yours. Good to know you have the "obsessed" part down, as you're posting on a Michigan blog about how much you don't care about us. You do realize that WE DEFINE YOU, don't you? Whether it's by losing to you or by kicking your ass repeatedly, your entire fan base's self-concept is tied into us. I mean it's cute that you think you'll treat us just like Minnesota or Indiana, but really, let's be honest- it won't happen. We'll still go on knowing we're better than you, and you'll still go on trying to tell us we're not, all the while knowing you're wrong. So enjoy your little "We're #2!" thing while you can. It's nice you've had this time (I'm sure it makes living in Ohio that much easier to bear) but I think we all know that your time is about up, and we're about to embark on a stretch that'll make John Cooper look like Woody Hayes. You know, only without all the punching players and stuff.

JoBu said...

Joshua, thank you for detecting my arrogant Michigan fan tone. I can see why you guys act like this, its kinda fun.

If we're being completely honest with ourselves, I would think that the SEC defines Ohio State a bit more than Michigan does right now, wouldn't you? You're right, I should go post on EDSBS, but they don't give me the openings that this blog does.

Funny you should mention Cooper. The one ding I think R.Rod has is that he seems to lose a game every year that he shouldn't, just like our old boy Coop.

Like I said, I'm not the crowd, I'm just one fan. But last year I didn't hope OSU would beat Michigan, I expected them to. Barring something shocking this year, I will probably have the same thought process this year.

MGoBlue93 said...

Another buckstache crashes the board with the same 'ol tired rants. Yawn. They insist they're not obsessed with Michigan but it seems too me there's just too many fans of the school down south here for it to be a coincidence.

Funny jobu brings up the SEC... when Michigan gets done what tUOS cannot.

surrounded in columbus said...

see jobu, that's why you can try to imitate us, but will always be a shallow copy (sorta like your big push to improve your academics- close but no cigar).

you really think a 4 year run in 100+ game series is going to dent michigan egos? the school that leads the series by 20+ wins? you'd have to be dumber than all the tosu grads working all the drive thrus in westerville.

you see, we expect to beat tuos this season, just like we expected last year. right or wrong in our expectations, we still have them.

why? because, in the long run, we're better than you in everything. we hold all the records. this streak will end and you'll have nothing in your sad little, meaningess life. we know it, you know it. (the american people know it).

surrounded in columbus said...

you hit the nail on the head- he couldn't help himself from bringing up the SEC thing.

they have no self esteem of their own. their entire, self loathing personna is based on being able to say "i beat you in football". there isn't a single other aspect of their school they can take pride in. and knowing they are laughably inferior (and a growing joke) to the SEC, he had to try to head that off.

think about the sad little puke, trolling a michigan blog on a friday night? looking for attention amongst the michigan fans? almost makes you feel sorry for the poor slob.


Mikoyan said...

Isn't Jobu the one that couldn't help that guy from Major League hit curve balls? Anyways, for another quote from that movie...

"Up yours Jobu"

surrounded in columbus said...

mikoyan-i think that's right. he couldn't make the bats unafraid of a curve ball. even after a sacrifice of a bucket of chicken?

that would make our little troll a voodoo god? why do i suddenly imagine little wax dolls of R2 and Carlos Brown setting on a shelf in some basement in central ohio w/ pins sticking in them?

whetstonebuck said...

Seems to be plenty of obsession to go around here.

For some unexplained reason, I feel the need to break out into some "West Side Story" tunes.

Joshua said...

"they have no self esteem of their own. their entire, self loathing persona is based on being able to say "i beat you in football".

This is not entirely true. Their self esteem is also rooted in things like "My family most resembles that of Roseanne Barr's from the show Roseanne" and being the birthplace of a former American sweetheart now better known as "Tom Cruise's Toaster".

My personal favorite is the pride they show in proving their educational system outsmarted the rest of the country. Teaching half of the students to spell the first half of the state and the other half to spell the second half? Undeniably genius.

surrounded in columbus said...

you are correct, of course. my over familiarity w/ them has led me to over look such details.

you are slightly incorrect, but only slightly. we are are obsessed w/ Michigan football, other michgan activities, and a good laugh generally, some times at tosu's expense, sometimes not.

your "popularity", such as it is, is because you are generally pretty humorous. even if the joke's on us, we're pretty tolerant if it's funny. we routinely tolerate sruff because while he's typically rude, he's often funny (i.e.; the Hagen's Heroes comment on the frozen four was shitty, but funny- no one jumped down his throat over it).

on the other hand, there is a wide swath of tuos fans (jobu is a good example) who come around, say shitty things, and aren't funny. not even a smirk.

and no, we're not very tolerant of them. not merely because they're rude, but primarily because they're dull.

we don't go troll tuos blogs because they're dull. we dislike tuos trolls for the same reason.

whetstonebuck said...

"your "popularity", such as it is"

Why, Rhett, that's the sweetest little ol' thing you've ever said to me.

Sic, c'mon. You'd be so bored without some antagonists to woodchip. A few of us do a vital service: we keep you from eating your own.

surrounded in columbus said...

You see? Quoting "Gone with the Wind"?

Yes, I would be bored w/ out some of you.

whetstonebuck said...

"...on the other hand, there is a wide swath of tuos fans (jobu is a good example) who come around, say shitty things, and aren't funny. not even a smirk. and no, we're not very tolerant of them. not merely because they're rude, but primarily because they're dull."


I read the above, but I'm hearing the following:

"Ah, but the strawberries! That's where I had them. They laughed at me and made jokes, but I proved beyond the shadow of a doubt, and with geometric logic,..."

surrounded in columbus said...

sorry, but you are juggling the wrong ball bearings.

whetstonebuck said...


Don't bogart those strawberries.

JoBu said...

Hey SiC, was it you who sent me the message that I should have been shot for posting in here and if I did it again my mother would get a dirty sanchez?

Obviously, I know it wasn't you. You seem like the kind of guy who is respectable enough to have signed your name to such a threat. I just wanted to point out that not every Michigan fan is so classy.

surrounded in columbus said...


i did not send you an email and i am sorry that someone else sent you one so rude.

anonymous emails or posts are cowardly and bringing your mother into is just wrong, no matter the topic.

besides, if i was going to "do" something, it would be more akin to making you watch an endless loop of highlights from the 2007 BCS game, the 2003 michigan game, and the 1990 liberty bowl game against air force.

you know, something that would actually hurt.

whetstonebuck said...

Ouch! Ouch! and Ouch!

MGoBlue93 said...

Keeping with the "Ohio" theme, if the anon e-mail really was SiC, he would have wrote about giving your mom a "Cleveland Steamer"... not a Dirty Sanchez.